AUTHOR’S CORNER: We All Need Help and Advice, Paying It Forward by author blogger Jane Risdon

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors and welcome back to the Author’s Corner here on this warm WordPress Wednesday.
Here with us now, is author blogger Jane Risdon with a great article on receiving help and advice from others with the writing of one’s book as well as the importance of paying that sort of thing forward to other fellow authors.
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For now, here’s Jane…

It's always good to be able to call upon other authors for help and advice when writing a story which might well require specialist knowledge.
I am always grateful to other authors and members of the Police and other related agencies for their advice and help if I am particularly stuck or in need of expert input when writing. It never ceases to amaze me how generous and helpful people can be when I want to pick their brains.
From time to time I have been asked to contribute my experience in the music business to help writers who have a musical background to their novels, and it is always fun to revisit my past life and help where I can.
I've often been asked to provide some of my limited forensic knowledge to help other authors who want to kill off a character or investigate a crime scene and are not sure how things work in the British system.
If it hadn't been for my interest in Forensics Science, Criminal Justice and Archaeology I would've been completely stuck every time I've started to write a crime story, having to pester others more often.

I decided some years ago to try to help myself and improve my knowledge. I enrolled in 7 different university courses covering these topics - specially designed for crime writers and run by world acclaimed experts - so, although I am not an expert in such matters by a long chalk, I possibly have a better than average knowledge of these subjects - enough not to make basic mistakes and, as I said, if I get stuck I can call upon valued expert advice from other authors who have first-hand knowledge of such matters.
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