260 dogs rescued from kill shelters

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

I’m deeply grateful to everyone who has purchased, read, and taken the time to review one of my books. All profits from my books go to help get dogs like Blackie, Gumdrop, Rusty, Gretzky, Kylee, Allie, Addi, Evie, Buck, Morty, Shadow, bonded siblings Silas & Sebastian, bonded siblings Lady & Layla, Milo, Fergie, Princess,  Bonded siblings Thelma & Louise, Bella, Humphrey, bonded siblings Bam Bam & Pebbles, McKenna, Anne, King, Atlas, Rigo, Zora, Cora, Jessie, Maisie, bonded elderly siblings Tito & Jessa, Rocky, Little Boy, Maggie, Sasha Pierce, Stannis, Priscilla, Levi, Ginger, Bruno, Abby, Bronson, Cesar, Sunny, bonded siblings Bella & Lala (see photos below) out of kill shelters. So far in 2019 260 dogs have been rescued. In 2018 670 dogs have been rescued. In 2017 we’ve helped free 904 dogs. In 2016, 250 dogs were freed. In 2015, 149 dogs were freed.

AND please for everyone who’s purchased…

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