WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY: Love At First Sight by author Trish Hubschman

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We’re back with another fantastic offering from author Trish Hubschman.

Another character interview?


A detective mystery romance to solve.

Nope. Wrong again.

Then what?

Well, let’s just say you’d best go get a box of tissues before you read because this is a bit of a real good feel-good tear-jerking post.

OK. I’m not at all doing this intro justice so, let me just fade out, and leave you with this terrific tale.

Once you’ve read, wiped your eyes, and all that jazz, be sure you check out Trish’s work and pick up a book today.


Love At First Sight

By Trish Hubschman



June 1, 2019


We were on our way to the biggest animal shelter on Long Island.  “We’re not getting a dog today,” my husband Kevin told me. “We’re just looking.”  The deal was that we were going to wait at least three months before getting another dog. Our two very much-loved canine buddies had passed away this year, hope in January from bladder cancer and Charlie in late April, presumably from a stroke. We were both devastated and still crying. I was lonely and depressed.  I knew I needed a dog in my life. I needed that love, but I wasn’t going to get a dog today. “Okay,” I agreed.  At least I’d get to see some healthy, happy dogs at the shelter.  That would help my mood some!


We arrived fifteen minutes before the shelter opened, and joined the crowd of people waiting to get in. “I’m not interested in the new puppies,” I said to Kevin.  He stood behind my wheelchair.  The new puppies always seemed to be adopted before they even got here. I felt it was pointless looking at them.  Besides, I didn’t want a two-month-old puppy, too much work. “Let’s look at all the dogs,” “he replied.   “They’re all cute.”  He had a point. The doors opened and people went in.  I didn’t pay attention to where the throng headed.


Kevin rolled my chair along a row of dog cages, then suddenly pulled it back quickly. I was dizzy.  “What? What?” I stammered. He didn’t answer me until we stopped in front of one cage in particular.  “That one!” he said, pointing, then darted off to look for someone who worked here to show us the dog.


henry 1.JPG  I reached up and poked my fingers through the metal bars. The doggy licked me. Oh gosh, since Charlie’s passing, I longed to be licked by a dog.  Tears pooled my eyes.


Kevin and a woman shelter worker appeared and she opened the cage door. The little fella inside was precious.  He looked like a miniature German shepherd. He was thirty-five pounds and about a year and a half old. I pet him, so did the lady from the shelter.  “Can we take a closer look at that dog?” Kevin asked.  The woman vanished and returned with a baby carriage/shopping cart looking thing. She picked the dog out of the cage and placed him into the cart. We followed her to a private room.  It had outdoor benches in it.  I got out of the wheelchair and sat on one. The lady handed me a dog biscuit and I offered it to Henry.  That was the name on his tag.  He put his front paws on my knee, stood up and took the treat.  We all laughed.  “What do you think?” Kevin asked me.  “Do you want him?”  I was speechless.  Tears pooled in my eyes.  “It’s definitely love, yes,” I replied.  “Henry, do you want to come home with us?” I asked the dog.  In answer, he propped his paws on the side of the bench and stood up.  We all laughed. It was settled.

henry 2.JPG

We filled out the papers for adoption.  Three hours later, after everything was processed, we took Henry home. I sat in the backseat; my arm wrapped around him.   For the first time in months I couldn’t stop smiling.  He’s a sweet, gentle-natured, sociable, playful dog. It was definitely love at first sight for all of us.


Patty back to ask, “Not getting a dog today? Really? Kevin?” What do you have to say for yourself and your big loving heart?





A Romantic Suspense Novel

Stiff Competition (Miss America): A Tracy Gayle Mystery

by Trish Hubschman

In e-book ($2.99) and print ($9.50) on Amazon and other bookselling sites.

227 pages in print.

Cover, free text sample, author bio, direct buying links, and more: https://www.dldbooks.com/hubschman/


About the Book

America’s favorite rock band, Tidalwave, is playing the Miss America pageant. Band leader Danny Tide is emceeing the event.  All is going according to schedule. The judges have picked the 10 semi–finalists. Suddenly, everything comes to a halt. Miss New Jersey is missing. Nobody knows what happened to her or where she is. Danny calls his longtime PI friend, Tracy Gayle, and asks her to come down to Atlantic City to help figure things out. In need of her best friend for personal support and eager to get to another case, Tracy agrees. There’s an all–out search of the hotels on the boardwalk. They find Miss New Jersey, but it’s not good. Her kidnapping leads to another assault and murder. The big star and the lady PI work together on this one, so that the Miss America pageant can continue as usual.


About the Author

Trish Hubschman has published three books with America Star Books: a short story collection of time travel and romance stories called Through Time and the first two books in the Tracy Gayle/Danny Tide series: The Fire and Unlucky Break. Trish attended college at Long Island University’s Southampton campus, earning a BA degree in English with an emphasis in writing. She lives on Long Island with her husband and dog.



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