WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY:Feature Interview of the Week Doug Johnson Fiction By Trish Hubschman 

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We’re back after a short break for lunch and walk for King Campbell Super Semi Retired Seeing Eye Dog with another of author Trish Hubschman’s fabulous character interviews.

If you’ve not read the others in this great character interview series, you’ve seriously missed out.

Speaking of missing out, don’t dare go away from this post without checking out Trish’s book information. She’s got a detective mystery romance book series going that’s sure to please even the most hardboiled fan.

OK. Without further delay, here’s Trish to dazzle us with her interviewing skills.


Feature Interview of the Week

Doug Johnson


By Trish Hubschman



Note: The below are characters from my Tracy Gayle mystery books, Stiff Competition/Miss America and the upcoming one, Ratings Game


Tell us a little about yourself?


Doug Johnson here.  I’m a homicide detective with the New York Police Department.  I’m   divorced and have a kid in college, Kim


What connection do you have with Danny Tide and Tracy Gayle?


I was at Tide’s bus fire scene. I was the one who suggested to him to get a private eye in and recommended Gayle. She and I were a couple at the time.


Where do you live?


Long Island, New York


Is there a special person in your life?


Not really. Gayle and I are very good friends again. That’s enough for me. I don’t need the hassles of a serious love connection relationship with a lady right now.




Care to elaborate?


(He smiles) On which part?  Gayle is a great lady and a wonderful investigator.  I have a lot of respect and deep affection for her.  If Tide hurts her, I’ll run his butt up a flagpole (he chuckles). I told him that too and he assured me that he agrees on my take about Gayle.  She loves the guy too.


What do you feel are your strengths/weaknesses?


I would say I’m not a sentimental guy or a romantic (he shrugs). Maybe I’m a bit dull! I prefer calling it settled though.  I have a very organized mind and way of thinking.


What are your hobbies? What do you do in leisure?


Sports, playing and watching.   I play softball with the Department. I’m not the greatest pitcher, but we have a good time. Gayle used to come to our games. She was a good cheerleader in the stands (he chuckles). I’m a big Knicks fan, though I like baseball and hockey too, Yankees and Rangers.


What is your favorite food?


I’m a steak and potatoes man, but pizza and beer in front of the set watching a ball game suits me just fine too.



What irritates you more than anything else?


Illegal parking in fire zones or spots reserved for handicapped drivers.


What positive advice would you give others?


Being a homicide cop, I’ve seen too much death and destruction.  I’d like to see far more of the happy, carefree side of people.




A Romantic Suspense Novel

Stiff Competition (Miss America): A Tracy Gayle Mystery

by Trish Hubschman

In e-book ($2.99) and print ($9.50) on Amazon and other bookselling sites.

227 pages in print.

Cover, free text sample, author bio, direct buying links, and more: https://www.dldbooks.com/hubschman/


About the Book

America’s favorite rock band, Tidalwave, is playing the Miss America pageant. Band leader Danny Tide is emceeing the event.  All is going according to schedule. The judges have picked the 10 semifinalists. Suddenly, everything comes to a halt. Miss New Jersey is missing. Nobody knows what happened to her or where she is. Danny calls his longtime PI friend, Tracy Gayle, and asks her to come down to Atlantic City to help figure things out. In need of her best friend for personal support and eager to get to another case, Tracy agrees. There’s an all–out search of the hotels on the boardwalk. They find Miss New Jersey, but it’s not good. Her kidnapping leads to another assault and murder. The big star and the lady PI work together on this one, so that the Miss America pageant can continue as usual.


About the Author

Trish Hubschman has published three books with America Star Books: a short story collection of time travel and romance stories called Through Time and the first two books in the Tracy Gayle/Danny Tide series: The Fire and Unlucky Break. Trish attended college at Long Island University’s Southampton campus, earning a BA degree in English with an emphasis in writing. She lives on Long Island with her husband and dog.




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