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I finally decided to purchase a notebook style laptop. I wanted something portable with gobs of gigs and high-end drivers. What Can I say – I don’t own a car, so I wanted a luxury computer instead. I shopped, researched my required configuration possibilities, and made the call.


The sales person was […]


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D is for Dilemma


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2 Responses to From the Mind of Ann Chiappetta

  1. Patty, My first computer was a Dell. They had a contract with the state of Pennsylvania at the time. I went through three in the first year. Eventually, I took a guess at what Michael Dell’s email would be, and the next one they sent me worked for a few years. I hope Ann has this worked out by now. I don’t mean to bad-mouth Dell, this sort of thing is business as usual in the marketplace these days.


    • Patty says:

      Donna. I’m using a Dell now, but had I had a choice, I’d have chosen an Acer. I had one and had it not fallen and been broken due to that fall I’d still be using it.

      Dell does still contract with many VR/Blind Services Centers throughout the US. It also looks like they donated some computers to Computers For the Blind and so you have to give them credit for all this.

      But, I don’t find them to be as well-made as some others. That having been said, the one I got from my Blind Services when I began with computers in 2007 worked for about 3 and ½ years, which considering I used it every-day transporting it to and from work, and on weekends as well, is quite a long time for a Laptop. The second one only lasted 2-years, and the 3RD one only lasted a year.

      I will say however, that their warranty was fabulous. If a part was needed, such as a new cord, they would overnight it to me, and when I needed technical support they sent a technician to my home or work-place within a day. So, I cannot say they’re all bad.

      HP systems do not play well with screen readers. They have some sort of factory installed software which is not necessarily needed for the running of the computer, but I had one of those once and took it to 3 techs none of which could remove the stuff. When I called HP they refused to do it so I cleaned the thing out, restored it to factory settings and sold the stupid thing.

      Anyhow, Abbie Johnson Taylor says, “Technology is like a spouse, you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.”


      I don’t know about Annie and her computer issues. I encourage you to comment on her blog from where this post comes to chat directly with her.


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