As most know, my AC went out on Thursday afternoon, and we’ve been dealing with having all the windows open roaring fans running and hot…

Luckily the weather was nice and we did have a wonderful reprieve from it last evening with temps down in the high 50’s.

Today, though it got rather warm in here and I was starting to worry a bit about Campbell, who is 10-years old and has just recently recovered from illness, and I was starting to worry about the week ahead, the AC guy caught a break and was able to come out and, wait for it… You won’t believe it… I didn’t…

What was wrong? What caused all this trouble?

Bugs. What? Yes. Bugs… Fucking bugs…! No, not cussing. I’m being serious. Bugs, had made themselves a little hotel in my AC unit and were trying to mate, got themselves onto the contact thingy that makes the unit turn on and BZZZ! Fried themselves, caused the unit to stop working and wow! Who knew something like that could happen? Surely not me. I’ve heard of squirrels getting into power transformers. Heard of skunks causing issues with farm equipment, but in all my years on this planet, and all the decades I’ve used heat pumps, I’ve never had bugs cause this issue.

OK. Temps are cooling in the house, Campbell is starting to relax, and my blood pressure can now return to normal.

For me, though it was uncomfortable at times due to it getting up into the 80’s in the house, the real issue was noise. I’ve become noise sensitive over the last few years since my illness in 2017 and having all the noise from the outside like trains loudly blowing their whistles, the roar and clanging of the factory a stone’s throw from the house, traffic and sounds of lawn mowers, and next door construction going on at houses on either side of me was starting to be more than I could handle.

No one knows what it is to be overstimulated by noise, and between all that noise outside, and having to run all the fans, one of which knocks and clacks on and off throughout the day and night, well, it was really starting to get the better of me.

Like I wrote elsewhere earlier, I love my little house, and honestly wish there were a way I could buy it, but I could never afford issues like what happened today but either way, I’m absolutely thrilled that this issue has been resolved.

So, how about you? Any of you ever have a major maintenance issue caused by mother nature?


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  1. Patty, I’m rolling on my patio laughing, and my neighbors, who are also in their yard enjoying this beautiful day, must think I’m nuts. Anyway, I’m glad you got your air conditioner fixed and thankful Mother Nature has not yet interfered with any of my appliances.


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