My Prayer for Those Who are Homeless

Anne writes a powerfully true message here.
Think about it as you go through your day.
Think about it when you gripe about paying your rent. Think about it when you grump about doing your housework. Think about it when you complain because your house isn’t as big as your neighbor’s.
Give this some thought the next time you look down on someone who doesn’t have as fancy a car as you, someone who is standing by the bus stop looking as if they’ve not seen a meal in the last week, and think about it the next time you hear your children laughing at the little girl in their class who’s shoes have holes in them, who’s hair needs combed, and who’s backpack doesn’t come from the Gap.
Oh we bunch of mindless thoughtless snobs.
Thank you Anne for giving me the right kind of mindset for this day. For having the courage to speak such thoughts out loud, giving them reality.
Blessid be.

All in a Day's Breath

Oh God, today I looked out into the hail and the sleet and the thunder,
And I felt safe and warm inside with my animals.
But then I thought about all those who are without homes or shelters.
I thought of all the people in this world who go to bed hungry and cold,
Or without something to help their thirst.
I thought of the little children, who live in rags, dirty, and perhaps without shoes.
And I felt ashamed, God.
You created this world full of people of every color and culture, every language, every political and spiritual or religious belief system. You created all the creatures on this earth, and all the plants, and everything including the tiniest grains of sand.
And it was good. We were all meant to be on this earth and to help it survive, or we would not be here.
But instead, we…

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