FYI! REPOSTING!: New Schedule for Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing and Services for Persons Not Wishing to Purchase a Full Package

Tell it to the WORLD


I’m resending this message because when I posted it onto Facebook with the example link in it people clicked the pretend link and it took them to a porn site.

Here’s the message without the foe link.

I put it onto my blog and shared it to social media, as well as on my Freedom To Be Me email list, but I’ve since killed the link so do not try to click or share the original post.

I’ve also edited this slightly.

Included in this message are services one can purchase without being a contracted client.

If you’re a client there are discounts for these new services available to you.

Hello to all:

I hope this Tuesday morning finds you doing super well.

Due to the large volume of wonderfully talented clients I have now, and the various types of services you all need, I’m changing the ways in which I do things.

For the last little while I’ve been trying to do some of each thing every-day and that’s just not working.

Things slip out from under my radar, get forgotten or lost and this simply must not happen.

So, if you’ll please read the schedule written below and save this message for later reference, I’d appreciate it.

If you’ve any question, please write to me and we can discuss.

If you’re a client reading this from another source such as social media, blog, or email list and we’ve not communicated via email since my getting my new computer please get in touch ASAP so I can be sure to have your email address.



Media Monday: This means on Monday I will be sharing links ads, and other relative items which will advertise you to my 3 social media platforms which are, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. I’ll also be working on creating ads, announcements, and media kits etc. for anyone needing one.

If you do not currently have a package with me but you need a media kit created and don’t know how, I can put one together for you for a one-time only payment of $25.00

If you’ve specific links such as interviews, Book Reviews of your books, or reviews of your businesses or anything you feel might be appropriate for social media, please in the future try and have them to me by 9 AM on Monday morning.

Today I’ve several things that need immediate attention along these lines, so there’s no need to send anything for today.

Tell-It-To-The-World Tuesday: This day will be set aside for outreach and networking for all clients. If you’ve got places, or persons you’d like to have me reach out to on your behalf please send me the following info and I will do my best to contact for you.

·         Name of business, person, or podcast/internet radio show etc.

·         Email address associated with the above mentioned

·         And if possible, website or if needed phone number.

This information should come to me in an Excel sheet or word doc. If in a word doc the information needs to come each on one line. (Please note, if you’re not a client who has a package contract with me, but you want outreach and networking services, they can be purchased for $20 per month. I no longer work on commission only.)

WordPress Wednesday. This day will be set aside for blogging things you’ve sent or blog posts you’ve posted to your blog unless that post or submission is time sensitive. If something is time sensitive, you need to try as much as is possible to have it to me 2-weeks in advance. Blog posts such as Abbie’s Thursday Book Feature and other such things are exempt as they’re day specific and I will try as much as is possible to reblog onto my blog on their correct days.

Talk To Me Thursday: Unless we already have a scheduled phone conference on another day from now on unless it simply doesn’t jive with your work schedule, I will take phone conference appointments on this day from 11 AM to 3 PM Eastern time.

Please schedule by 12 Noon on Wednesday.

During times when I do not have conferences scheduled I will take the time to do catch up work for you all, and I will also share submissions to my blog for you.

I will now be off on Friday as I am now writing a book and need a day set aside to work on it. I will of course check email during the day and will take care of things as they come in if need be.

Saturday Surprise. On Saturday I’ll be doing submissions and sharing blog posts during the day. This should make certain that everyone’s things that did not go out during the past week will go out.



I will be doing a small weekly Newsletter called the Writer’s Grapevine. This Newsletter will include things like, Links which come from campbellsworld which are due to things I’ve shared there for you, special announcements, and things of interest.

I will be accepting sponsor ads for this Newsletter. A sponsored ad will appear at the top of the first page, and if there are more than one in between each topic of the Newsletter.

Sponsor ad space can be purchased for $10 for existing clients, and $20 for nonexistent clients and once they go in the Newsletter they will then be put onto a special sponsor page I’ll be creating on the homepage of my blog, and they will also go onto the Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing FB page. Though I’ll change weekly ads in the Newsletter as new ads come in, they will remain on the blog and FB page forever or until you request them changed or taken down. I will always mention where previously appearing ads in the Writer’s Grapevine can be seen so you’ll still be getting some weekly coverage. Once you’ve purchased a sponsor ad space you can change your ad at any time for no cost.

I will be putting the Writer’s Grapevine onto campbellsworld on Sunday as I’ve noted that hardly any such Newsletters go out on this day.

Sponsor ads must be in .12 font, and links in the ad must be written as example: so that they copy/insert in correctly.

Photos may be included but they may not_ be imbedded into the ad but rather sent in attached form and the attachment must be JPG and the attachment must be titled to reflect the picture’s content.


Again, if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks for your patience as I continue to become familiar with all things associated with this new computer.

This message will also go out onto campbellsworld and social media. Please excuse if you receive it more than once.


Patty L. Fletcher

Owner Creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing


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