Easter Surprise from the Blog of author Peter Altschul


Good morning everyone.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and to those who are celebrating other holidays, may your day be truly blessed as well.

This morning we’ve author Peter Altschul and his sharing for Easter.

I must admit I’ve not read this yet so it’s going to be a surprise to me as well.

I don’t normally post without reading, but knowing Peter as I do and having read both his wonderful books, which you can learn more of on his site, I know I can trust his work to post here.

Please remember, to comment on his site, and if you’ve any trouble doing so Peter will understand mightily because he has trouble commenting here.

He can come and make comments here but for some unknown reason he’s trouble getting replies.


I expect he’ll come along and give you a hello here, and provide his email contact info so you can write to him privately as well.

Anyhow, here’s his post.





Happy Easter.


Thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting, especially on my website.





Thanks Peter.




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1 Response to Easter Surprise from the Blog of author Peter Altschul

  1. heahtmonster says:

    Thanks, Patty. Folks on this list are welcome to contact me at



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