AUTHOR’S CORNER: The Bay Revisited by Ann Chiappetta


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This morning in the Author’s Corner we’ve author Annie Chiappetta with a poem from her new book, Words of Life: Poems and Essays.

If this book is anything like Annie’s first, you’re not going to want to miss picking it up. Please be sure to read on after you’ve enjoyed this poem to learn how.




Pier 39 in December united our spirits.


Californians, with their benign attitudes

smile at our Eastern drawl.


Seventy‑two hours limits reaffirmation of bonds,

our words are succinct, our motions precise.


Mother, sisters, children, and dog shop, touch,

hug, and reminisce.


Our formation of hearts recedes as the Bay tide

drifts past Alcatraz.


The sea lions bark farewell.



EBookCover 4.jpg



C 2019 by Ann Chiappetta


Print: $9.95 / E-book: $3.99 / 140 pages in print

Available from Amazon and Smashwords


About the Book


In this new collection of poems, essays, and flash fiction, the author once again exhibits her ability to write about both the light and dark sides of life. There are numerous poems and stories about nature: its kindness, cruelty, and wonder. There are frank expressions of the sadness and frustration she felt at the progressive loss of her eyesight and a poem about the social isolation that disability can bring. Other pieces, though, sing of joys as diverse as family closeness, the love of dogs, the delights of scents, and the power of the muse.  Just as in her first volume of poetry, Upwelling: Poems (2016), there is no fluff here. To read Ann Chiappetta’s works is to feel them deeply, appreciate them mightily, and remember them forever.


From the Introduction


While it is my hope that all the pieces in this book resonate with my readers, I have my favorites. Some of the poems have been previously published; all reflect what lies within. This volume is accented with a few photographs. As I lose the last vestiges of my vision, bringing a meaningful visual array to this collection seems imperative. Finally, dear reader, I want to share the prose that reflects the way I’ve lived my creative life.


If just one poem or essay resonates with you, I have accomplished the purpose. For a moment, as the eye reads and the brain interprets, the reader slips into the shoes of the writer. This is the true spirit of what it means to be creative, open, to offer the emotions in such a way as to give another person the opportunity to appreciate the writer’s experience with the words of life.


Contact Information


Ann Chiappetta lives in New Rochelle, New York.



Book-related website with full details, cover image, free text sample, and buying links:


The author’s previous two books are Upwelling: Poems (2016) and Follow Your Dog: A Story of Love and Trust (2017). Details of those books are also on her book-related website, linked to above.



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3 Responses to AUTHOR’S CORNER: The Bay Revisited by Ann Chiappetta

  1. Annie Chiappetta says:

    Patty, thanks so much for your comments. I am so excited to have such a great opportunity with blog promos.


    • Patty says:

      Hi Annie, and you’re so welcome.

      I send out lots of opportunities for you to be featured on other’s blogs too.

      If you’ve missed any of those, please write me and I’ll send you a list of places where you can easily promote yourself and will be welcome and wanted.


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