First Day, Last Day, All Day, Every Day.

Here I am on another Sunday morning. Wishing for what I cannot have, and hoping for just what I need.

Asking myself the same questions, and never getting any different answers.

No matter what kind of box you put things in, sometimes they simply are what they are, and nothing will change them.

So you do the best you can, and hope for a chance to do better.

All the time giving thanks for that which you have, and knowing there are some who don’t even have that.

Knowing that if you ask any one of your friends, or neighbors they can tell you of trials which will make yours look easy.

So, as the church bells ring on this Sunday morning, March 31, 2019. First day of the week, last day of the month, I pray…

Thank you for the sun.

Thank you when day is done, all our needs, wants, desires, they’re met.

Thank you for what we have and have not yet.

Thank you when the day is through, we will still be we, and you will still be you.

Guide our path. Light our way.

Give us that which to do, and say.

So mote it be. Blessed be. Amen.


I am because I say I am.

Believe and it shall be so.

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