Why Tuesday = Bliss

Love it!

Jewniquely Myself

Well, it’s Tuesday again. So, like every Tuesday for the past six months, I shower, put on my yoga duds, and wait for my daughter Colleen to arrive.

When she does, we make a pot of fresh coffee and spend time chatting about the week’s happenings:

-Her husband has an interview for a better job.
-She found the greatest vegan cookbook, so we should come for dinner next week. -Her neighbor’s rooster got out again and kept all the dogs barking last night.

Then we get down to work.

“And this week, it’s your turn to lead, Mom,” she reminds me.

oh boy, I whisper to myself.

I pull my purple yoga mat out from under a livingroom endtable, unroll it, and scramble around for a moment looking for my yoga strap.

Good grief, I muse, who would have thought I’d be doing something like this?

It’s been six months…

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2 Responses to Why Tuesday = Bliss

  1. joanmyles says:

    Thanks patty…it’w always fun for me to share my adventures into yoga with you!


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