Recycling at its Best

All in a Day's Breath

Tio Tacos in Riverside, CA

This is one of my favorite eye candy places to go in Riverside, CA. It is a tiny taco restaurant, and looks like any old tiny taco house, but once you step inside its walls, everything around you is art, all of it made from trash, literally.

Another small part of Tio Tacos, Ricerside

Folk artist, Martin Sanchez created Tio Tacos Dream Garden, expanding out from his restaurant to the whole block and back courtyard, filling the whole area with junk art sculptures, towering garbage giants, and and a church made out of bottles.

This is one elephant who won’t eat your peanuts.

This is absolutely one of my favorite places to wander. I cannot imagine that anyone can go in here and come out feeling gloomy.

Check out the walkway too. Not a single thing is wasted.

How can you not love this?


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2 Responses to Recycling at its Best

  1. Thank you most kindly, Patty. I Know that my friend, Patty is blind, and I wonder if some of you readers are too. Do you have any kind of software, or perhaps I should ask if there is any kind of software that allows you to “see” or otherwise experience an image? And also, have you ever been able to see colors, or is there some way that you can experience colors? I am trying to imagine what the world would be like without being able to experience colors. I know that there are a lot of forms of blindness, and whether a person has been born blind or whether it was acquired over a long period, or perhaps a sudden illness or an accident. Because this post has a lot of images (I made the post), I would like to know if the words are enough to give you a sense of the place, or is there some other way you have of experiencing things like statues or other three-dimensional work. But the issue of color is very interesting to me.

    I taught a creative writing class, and I asked my students to describe a color. Then I waited a few seconds and told them, “Oh I forgot to tell you, I am blind.” So the idea of color could be how any of us might try to describe a color to a blind person so that they could have a good sense of what it was. For example, do you associate a color with a feeling like hot, cold, sad or happy? Or what might help you to experience what a specific color was?

    I hope that none of you who are blind are offended by this. I am trying to get a sense of how you experience the world from how I do. Thank you very kindly, and I appreciate the reblog very much, Patty.


    • Patty says:

      Anne, thanks for commenting. The way we see photos depends upon the photo in question. For example, if someone takes a picture with their camera of Campbell lying in the floor with a toy, the photo description feature in my screen reader, or smart device voice over will describe it by saying, “photo may contain indoor and dog.” If someone takes a picture of him out in the yard, the photo description may read, “Photo may contain nature, outdoor, and dog” There are other things that have been described rather clearly, such as a picture of a Christmas Tree that read, “Photo may contain Christmas Tree and Indoor.” I even had one tell me there were packages. Photos with text, must have something called Ault Text turned on this will allow the photo to read, “Patty Fletcher shared a picture containing text that may say, Welcome to the Campbell Kingdom” You see? There are some things we cannot see at all. I cannot see or read, memes, screenshots, or info graphics. Also on Facebook, and Twitter, etc. I cannot see the little digital things called Goff’s.

      Get Outlook for iOS



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