Finding Joy While Stuck In A Rut

After spending what was for me another mostly restless night I finally got myself and Campbell up and moving around 7:30 or so this Sunday morning.

Though the day held no special excitement for me I knew there were the normal activities of the day to get done.

First, as usual feed and relief time for Campbell, then some time just hanging out with him with the both of us enjoying a little snuggle as we woke up.

Once that was done it was time for coffee and the morning’s emails. It seemed to me I was stuck in quite a rut but as had been the case for me of late I could see no way clear of it, so knowing there was no sense in lamenting about what couldn’t be helped I got on with the business of the day.

After coffee was had, and the morning’s mail sorted, it was time to get on with the normal day’s activities. First, there were the dirty clothes to gather and put into the washer for later laundry and then there were dishes to load into the dishwasher for their weekly washing.

Finally there was the dreaded sweeping of the kitchen floor and once that was done it was again time to take Campbell out for his mid-morning romp. He’d already made an escape off the back deck, so I knew he needed a walk.

Putting on my shoes I grumbled to myself that the day wasn’t even half gone and already much needing taken care of for the day was done.

Walking round the yard with Campbell I marveled at how just the scents of spring wafting through the breeze brought joy to my pup and realized I was being much too grumpy for such a beautiful day. I determined that somehow I would find joy in this day and began to list all the beautiful things in my life.

Soon we were back inside, and I was faced with all the tasks of the day yet to come and as I turned on the dishwasher I made the decision that no matter how dull the remaining household chores were I would find a way to enjoy them.

Shaking out the covers on the bed in preparation for making it up I knew how very lucky I was to have a home to clean and opening the shades to let in the warmth of the afternoon sun I prayed…

“Thank you for the sun.

Thank you when day is done, all our needs, wants, and desires, they’re met.

Thank you for what we have and have not yet.

Thank you when day is through, we will still be we and you will still be you.

Light our path and guide our way.

Give us what to do and say.

So mote it be and blessid be.



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4 Responses to Finding Joy While Stuck In A Rut

  1. joanmyles says:

    Lovely…such a perfect expression of everyday gratitude, thank you, darlin’ Patty! Love and blessings to you! *smiling heart*


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