Update, clients, and more

Good morning everyone. I hope all are well this morning. I am taking a few moments to update everyone.

Please note, I am dictating, and touch typing, on my phone, so there may be typos. If you have any trouble interpreting this messages, please, reply and I will try to clear it up. Let us begin.

First, thanks to some advanced client payments, and donations, I will be ordering a computer from computers for the blind later today. I do not know yet how long it will take them to get me my computer, I will update when I know more. I am grateful for all the assistance financially, and emotionally, during this time. I hope everyone will be patient, while I work through these technical trials. I see, I have about 30 minutes time on my computer of battery life so I am going to go in, and make sure there is nothing that needs doing on the computer that is absolutely without doubt an able to wait until a later time. I will also be updating via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, things of interest throughout the weeks to come, so all you clients please make certain to tag me, or email me, with things of urgent need.

If you need immediate assistance with promoting something that is extremely time sensitive please email or private message Claire at: plaistedpublishinghouse@gmail.com she can put things onto my blog for me. And, will do so, if, it cannot wait.

I have downloaded the Outlook app onto my phone. I am learning to check email with it. I also, I have the WordPress app on my phone and that is what I am using right now. However, my Bluetooth keyboard, also decided to die and so I do not have a keyboard right now. I think it only needs cleaning, and new batteries. I will check that later, right now my first priority is to get a new computer ordered. Also, remember, Campbell is still dealing with sickness, and I will be going to the veterinarian several times this week. So there are a lot of things going on and I am on limited work hours until further notice.

All of you know that I am a diligent worker and that I would not be taking this time to step back if it were not absolutely necessary. So I hope you will be patient with me and I think you for doing so.

To all my fellow bloggers. If you would be so kind as to share this post, and to look through my blog post and share some things from my clients to your blogs to help me keep spreading the word about them during my absence, I would be ever grateful. I try to share peoples work onto my blog whenever I can as much as I can I never ask people to reciprocate. I always do that out of the kindness of my heart. Because I like your work. I like having a variety on my blog and your content makes that possible so now, I am coming to you in need and hope that you will help.

Again. I apologize for dictation mistakes, Apple dictation does not care at all for my southern accent. I’m trying to talk like a robot, but I come off sounding like a robot who has been given a terrible southern accent. LOL. OK. All for now. Love to all. May you truly be blessed for your continued support.

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