Special Needs Authors and Readers – an Interview with Patty Fletcher

Good morning everyone.

This morning it gives me great pleasure to share an interview I did not long ago.

During this interview I was given a chance to speak about those of us who approach the world of writing and the world in general a bit differently than some may be comfortable with.

I’ve always believed that the discomfort folks feel is not because they don’t like us but rather because they don’t understand us and so it is with that focus in mind I answered the questions posed to me here.

I’d like to invite and encourage you to click the link provided here and read this interview. I’d like to also ask all my fellow bloggers if you would please share this onto your blogs.

We must work harder to blend the lines that separate.

If you’re not a blogger, but you’re on social media please do share there and if you’ve got email lists or belong to some sort of group maybe you could share there as well.

Share with your friends anyone. This is a topic I’m most passionate about.

Thanks and blessed be.


via Special Needs Authors and Readers – an Interview with Patty Fletcher

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