Photo prompt round-up: Timeless #writephoto

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Shapeshifter transforms
Immobile silent presence
Constantly changing
Whispering ancestral songs
Time shifts beyond consciousness


The photo for this week’s prompt shows the Gardom Stone, on Gardom’s Edge in Derbyshire.  It is curious how many people wrote pieces this week that seemed to include some of the qualities of this particular stone.

Even for a standing stone, it is remarkable. It is a shapeshifter, changing form with every step you take around it. Not just revealing other perspectives, but seeming to reveal different aspects of an inner nature hidden from the conscious mind. We found that it invites you to step back through time… and time is essential to its positioning.

Even the scientists agree that it was deliberately and precisely erected to function as a seasonal gnomon. It stands within the greater prehistoric andscape. Within a few yards you will find a huge enclosure, a fabulously

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