Something to Think about – The R’s of Life – Relationships in a Modern World Part Two – Adulthood by Sally Cronin

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In the last post I looked at the impact on a child who has not been socialised with other children before going to school, and the growing concern of placing babies as young as six months in childcare.

This week I explore the next phase in a child’s development as they move into puberty, their teen years and into adulthood.

There are millions of children who are well adjusted, coping brilliantly with school, friends and the move into secondary education. Their sights firmly fixed on a career that they are best suited for.

However, like me, I am sure that you remember that it only took one disruptive child in a class to make a difference to all the students. The one who requires the most interaction from the teacher, who never excels but always achieves the maximum attention, who is also usually the bully in the playground.


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