SATURDAY SURPRISE: Don’t Worry a Poem by children’s author Tammy Frost





Good morning campbellsworld visitors.

The following note and poem from children’s author Tammy Frost is a great way to begin our new column, ‘Saturday Surprise’ I hope you find it as helpful as did I. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can bring peace to our soul.

Be sure to keep reading after the poem to learn of Tammy and her work.



Hello All:

I wrote this poem at a time when I was worried about many issues in my life. It gave me pause, when

the poem came to me. I have to stop and remember to listen to the small still voice of God. I hope you

enjoy it and find peace in its words.



Don’t live your life in a flurry.

Don’t slip and slide in the muddy slurry.

Don’t run and scurry.

Don’t whimper and worry.

Ask, and God will help in a hurry.






CN-Dec 11, 2018

By: Tammy Frost


This faith-based children’s book tells the story of calico kitten Fay and her mama Daisy Mae. Fay is sad because it is raining,and she cannot go out to play. Mama explains why God sends the rain and tells Fay why, with God, we should not fear the rain or anything in life. Then mama finds fun things for them to do inside. This is a wonderful story for children to share with their parents.



Tammy Frost was born in June 1965 in Peoria, Illinois. Tammy’s interest in writing began in her teen years. However, she did not publish her first book until 2018. Tammy is a lifelong Christian and her poems, stories and now books reflect her faith. Tammy was born blind and became severely hearing impaired in her late twenties. Her faith has sustained her throughout the many storms in her life. Tammy was encouraged by her devoted parents, Allen and Mary Lovell, to do anything she wanted to do in life. They taught her that she could do anything a sighted person could do if she tried and wanted to do it badly enough. She attended Hope College, where she studied history and special education. Fay and the Rainy Day is Tammy’s first published work. In addition to writing, Tammy enjoys reading, listening to many types of music, knitting and other crafts, gardening and cooking. Tammy lives with her husband, Clarence Jr., three cats and one large dog in rural Minnesota. Tammy is founder of Faith Foundations Publications.




author page


link to purchase book




Contact Tammy:



foundations publications.

Twitter: @tacf65





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