READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Thursday Book Feature: Homecoming


Hello everyone and happy Thursday.

This afternoon I’m happy to see another honest review from author Abbie Johnson Taylor.

I’m always glad when I receive a book review from Abbie. She’s a great reviewer, her reviews are always well-written, without writing mistakes, and are fabulously detailed.

They are also very honest, and so when she reviews my work I’m always nervous.

That having been said here’s a review of one of our Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing family’s books, and Abbie reviews with a brutal honesty that I unlike some authors appreciate.

I like when someone tells me the truth about my work. I’m able to improve.

Well, enough said, here’s Abbie’s review.

If you’ve read this book, we’d like to know your thoughts.

We’d also love it if the Author, David Russell would make a comment or two. Maybe he could answer some of Abbie’s questions.

Happy reading and blessed be.

via Thursday Book Feature: Homecoming

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2 Responses to READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Thursday Book Feature: Homecoming

  1. Thank you for the re-blog.


    • Patty says:

      You’re very welcome.

      Nerve racking as it is, I cannot wait for you to review more of my work.

      You’re great.

      I personally like honest reviews. If it’s good tell me and tell me why. If it aint’ I want and need to know.



      That’s just me. I’ve the skin of a hippopotamus.


      Liked by 1 person

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