*Kindling Friendship* Thea Ramsay

Everytime I read one of these Kindling Friendship interviews, I keep thinking, “This is the best yet.”

Well, not that I’m playing favorites or anything, because I really do not believe in doing such, but even though, I must say, this is by far the best one yet.

Thea’s willingness to share so much of herself is so very refreshing. This, is what I have always had in mind when doing interviews with authors, business owners, etc.

I want to know the people I read and work with and this, does it and does it well.

If you don’t have a look at this interview and learn all about Thea, her writing and where to find it you’re going to miss out.

I ask you please, if you comment, do so on Joan’s blog. If you share, do so from Joan’s blog. The goal is to not only let people know of the one being interviewed but of the blogger doing the interview.

And now, Thea and Joan.

via *Kindling Friendship* Thea Ramsay

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2 Responses to *Kindling Friendship* Thea Ramsay

  1. joanmyles says:

    Thanks for your continued support, Patty, I really appreciate you! Blessings!


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