*Kindling Friendship* Peter Altschul

Jewniquely Myself

Life certainly presented all her faces this week for me. Blustery rain and wind claimed superiority over Tu b’Shevat (the Jewish birthday of trees), while the promise of Spring and renewal whispered at me in gentle, little breezes as I bid a sorrowful farewell to two dear friends. But perhaps the contradictions are always self-evident. Perhaps this week I was simply more attuned to the rhythms and melodies of material Life.

Ari jumps to his feet as the door bell rings, and I put aside musing to welcome my guest, Peter Altschul. In addition to composing music, Peter assists groups and organizations to become better at motivating people, resolving conflicts, managing diversity, and planning for the future.

Me: Peter, welcome, how nice of you to drop by!

Peter: Thanks!

Me: As we chat, would you like a cup of tea? Or perhaps you’d rather have coffee?

Peter: Unsweetened iced tea…

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2 Responses to *Kindling Friendship* Peter Altschul

  1. heahtmonster says:

    Amen! And thanks, Patty, for posting.


    • Patty says:

      You are welcome Peter it’s very nice to get to know the authors that we read. It’s very important for people to know who you are and why you write. Please everyone, make sure to pop over to Joan’s blog to read the full interview and comment on it there.


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