*Kindling Friendship* Meredith Burton

One of the best interviews yet.
Only it doesn’t feel like I read an interview but rather like I got to enjoy a visit with a friend and I learned so much about Meredith.
Thanks Joan for another lovely way to end the week and to you Meredith, thanks for being so wonderfuly open and for sharing so much with us about yourself.

Jewniquely Myself

Ah yes, winter continues into the new year, nearly blowing Salem off the map with high winds yesterday, and holding us captive in today’s dreary, cold, gray stillness. But it’s January 4 once again, and that always brightens my thoughts.

Because what would the world be for me or any other blind reader over the past 210 years if Louis Braille had not been born? Even if humankind had somehow managed to jump past these many decades and managed to find its way from the cumbersome use of tactile alphabet letters to computer speech software, blind folks would still be in a place of darkest night. It’s not just having the words of literature, law and everyday communication in our ears that is so important. It is “owning” the words, you know, being able to use them independently, to know their form and essence, and to manipulate them, arrange them…

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2 Responses to *Kindling Friendship* Meredith Burton

  1. joanmyles says:

    Thank you, Patty!


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