*Kindling Friendship* Patricia Hubschman

Here’s Blogger Joan Myles with another of her lovely interviews, featuring author Patricia Hubschman, live for your reading enjoyment.

Jewniquely Myself

It’s a pleasantly chilly day here in the Willamette Valley, midway between Christmas sparkles and New Year’s Eve fireworks. But gray skies hang overhead like some kind of question waiting to be answered, a question I think I’ll put on hold for now.

Let’s see…my kitchen is cozy with fresh-baked goodies, the tea kettle is cheerily whistling and the coffee is ready to pour. Peacock blue cups and white linen napkins are at hand, and I’m just about ready to greet my guest, author, Patricia Hupschman. I hear Ari’s tags jingle as he jumps to his feet, the bell rings, and I open the door.

Me: Trish, welcome, how nice of you to drop by! Here, let me take your coat…now…may I offer you something hot to drink, tea or coffee, perhaps?

Trish: A cup of tea would be lovely.

Me: And where would you feel most comfortable: here at…

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  1. joanmyles says:

    Thank you, Patty!


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