Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Christmas Celebrations – The Tenth Day of Christmas with guests Alison Williams and Patty Fletcher

‘See you in the papers’
That used to be a way to say good-bye, in a group of friends I ran with.
While blogs aren’t quite the same as newspapers, they are a rather large part of the way that information is shared today.
It seems more and more of late, I’m finding myself in lots of posts.
So, imagine my great joy when I woke this morning to find myself and my work shared among another fellow blogger’s offerings.
I woke around 4:30, and after taking care of the necessary things of the morning like brushing teeth and hair, washing face, and having a morning sit down to think on the day ahead, I got myself a coffee and settled down to read.
Then, to my delighted surprise there I was alongside the wonderful stories of a great lady from the UK who works as both a writer and editor, fabulous and educational music, and even Sally herself.
It is with wondrous joy I share this with you.
Please do make sure to visit Sally’s blog to see not only this entire post but all her other works as well.
Happy holidays to all and blessed be.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the tenth day of Christmas and my guests today are writer and editor Alison Williams and author Patty Fletcher, sharing their most favourite Christmas gifts of all time.

First some festive music to get the party started….I am a huge fan of Chris Rea .. and here is his Driving Home for Christmas. You can buy his music Amazon

Sally’s Christmas memories.

Yesterday I told the first half of the story about my temping up to Christmas 1979 whilst the hotel I was working in was closed for the season. After the cheque typing experience I was more than happy to undertake an assignment with a little more of a challenge. The agency contacted me and asked me if I would accept a two week contract that had been turned down by some of their regular temps due to the nature of the work..

It was for…

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3 Responses to Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Christmas Celebrations – The Tenth Day of Christmas with guests Alison Williams and Patty Fletcher

  1. Thanks for sharing Patty and thanks for being a lovely guest.. hugs xx


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