AUTHOR’S CORNER: Talking With Grandfather Tree

Good morning readers one and all.

This morning I’ve come to the Author’s Corner to share a poem I was inspired to make thanks to this weeks Photo prompt found at:

Sue has been kind enough to describe the photo used as this week’s prompt thus giving even those of us who do not see the ability to accept her writing challenge.

So, it is with great pleasure I share with you the following.

I also invite all of you to click the link I’ve provided, visit Sue’s blog and participate in this great writerly event.

And now, my poem…



As I walk beside the lake, my time I do take.

I meditate, and share, my happy thoughts by use of the crisp, cold, magickal winter air.

Then my rest, I take beneath this loving old tree, who without complaint shelters me.

My hands I lay upon the bark, my thoughts light, for here there is no dark.

I ask this old grandfather tree; do you know of my old dear long-gone friend Grandmother tree?

His leaves in the wind they do shake, a whispering sound they do make as he answers me.

I can hear him say, Yes, your Grandmother Tree from long ago I do know and if you listen close to all the leaves, a message from her you are sure to perceive.

And so, I rested silent in the glow of the sunlight, and soon found Grandfather Tree was quite right.

For as the leaves whispered, I did hear from far away, Grandmother Tree say…

Hello, my friend, I am still here, so never fear.

I have not forgotten you, nor the kindness and love you did give to me.

And so, with that I did rise, giving a contented sigh.

I said to Grandfather Tree, thank you kind sir for helping, sheltering, and loving me.

Again, his leaves in the winter wind he did shake, and gave a message for me to take.

When you partake of the land, do hear and obey this simple command.

Be wary of the older trees and treat them kindly if you please.

For we are important too, and if you allow, we’ve much to share with you.

May harmony find you, blessid be.



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10 Responses to AUTHOR’S CORNER: Talking With Grandfather Tree

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    A lovely story in th epoem Patty. Thank you for joining in.


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