*Kindling Friendship* David Faucheux

A most fascinating, entertaining, and informative interview.
Warm loving and wonderful.

Jewniquely Myself


We are coming up to the sixth day of Hanukkah this afternoon, a sunny day of clear skies and brisk air as I open the door to welcome my guest, David Faucheux, author of “Across Two Novembers”.

Me: David, welcome, please come in…oh, it’s so cold this afternoon.

David: Hello, it’s great to get to visit like this.

Me: Here, let me take your coat. Would you like something warm to drink, coffee or tea perhaps?

David: Tea with cream and sugar is fine. Do you have Irish Breakfast Tea. Mark T. Wendell has an excellent example.

Me: I’ll have to look for that. How about a bit of chai and a cookie or brownie?

David: Oh, perhaps a cookie; one of the organic Golden Raisin Cardamom Oatmeal Cookies. They look delicious. Thank you.

Me: Well, how did you know? Here you go. Shall we find a comfy chair…

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  1. joanmyles says:

    Thanks, Patty!


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