AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: Though Frustrations Abound Positivity Can Be Found




November 2018


Good morning to all and Happy Freya’s Day!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday. I certainly did.

Though many expected I would be glum due to my being alone during the Thanksgiving holiday that was not the case at all.

Campbell and I enjoyed two good long wonderfully enjoyable walks in the warm late autumn sun, had a delicious lunch which was provided by our Meals on Wheels program sponsored by the United Way, we read a good book, and even did a bit of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing work.

We also visited via phone, Email, and Messenger with some family and friends. So, all in all it was a great holiday. Food, friends, and fun. What more could one want?

I suppose since I’ve written about so many positive things where the frustration is. Well, I’m getting to it. I just wanted to put the positive first, because truly, it does outweigh the negative to be sure.


Yes, unfortunately there is a but.

As those of you who follow me regularly know, I love blogging and social media. I’ve learned over the years how to weed out most of the negativity and drama which can come from the use of such, have developed quite a support from it and have quite a few magnificent friends as a result.

The frustration comes from some issues I’m having of late where the use of my blog is concerned.

First, due to circumstances far beyond my control, I’ve lost my internet. Other than the hotspot from my phone, I’ve no other source of an internet connection and while I’m very grateful for the hotspot, it is slower than frozen mud running uphill in winter and makes the work and play I have enjoyed so very much over the years very difficult at times and some days I find myself hardly able to wait for my required tasks to be done so that I can simply curl up in my favorite chair, read a book, and escape from it all.

The other frustration I’ve got going on are the changes WordPress has made to its site. I’m not sure what they have done, but about a month ago, the way I post things to my blog, suddenly and without any warning, changed and not for the better let me tell you.

For those who don’t know, I’m totally blind and use what is known as a screen reader software program. The one I use is called, JAWS. This stands for Job Access With Speech. You may learn all about it by visiting:

Since beginning blogging in 2015, I’ve encountered many obstacles with the use of screen reading technology and WordPress. In the beginning, I had to have someone else post things on my behalf. Then, after a while, things began to get better. WordPress made some updates, I got a much-needed update to my software, and for a while, blogging and reblogging was bliss.

Then, BANG! Everything changed. The way I always posted an original post changed, while it is helpful that the buttons such as format, media, and other such functions are now more visible to me, I find that accessing the correct edit fields for my text content is harder, and getting rid of the buttons once I’m done with them requires much jumping through hoops, and at times because the function keystrokes simply don’t respond, I find myself having to repost things several times in a row before they’re correct and at times things simply won’t post for me at all.

As I write there is one post which has been in my drafts folder for nearly 2-weeks and I simply cannot get it to post at all. Not from my computer, and not from my phone.

This is not great because the post is one from someone who gives my clients and me much support.

At first, I thought this was as a result of my slow internet connection. So, I took my Laptop and a set of headphones, made a trip out on the bus and went to a place where I could connect to a solid wireless connection.

Did this help? No! It did not. It made no difference what so ever.

So, now, something I’ve always found such joy in doing has become nearly unbearable for me. It has also caused me much problem in getting my Tell-It-To-The-World Client’s work posted in a timely manner as well and I fear if these problems persist I’m going to lose what little extra income I’ve been able to make by doing this marketing work, which I’ve always loved because I can simply no longer meet their needs.

What can I do? Well, I must keep trying, for to give up is certain failure. I don’t know what the solution to the issue is, I’ve written WordPress and have never received any answer.

Even when I got into their chat, and posted the question, I waited for nearly an hour and half, and still got nothing back from them.

Now, I see that, yet another editor is coming, and I dare say it won’t make my life easier at all.

I’m grateful that I have access to screen reading technology. I’m happy that I can do the things I can do but I’m quite tired of companies creating more and more updates to their websites with little to no thought to their visually impaired or blind users.

If I had just one wish that could be granted, I’d wish for every web master, and software creator to have to be made to use all their creations as a blind person for an entire month with little to no assistance from anyone.

Yes, I know there are those out there who teach navigating WordPress and other sites with screen reader technology.


I haven’t any money for such.

Yes, I know that complaining about frustrations does no good.

This is not a whining complaining post. I’m writing this to raise awareness and I ask you very kindly fellow bloggers to share this post, if I manage to get it posted, and help me spread the word.

I know not everyone who is a screen reader/WordPress user is having such trouble, and YAY for you.

I also know that some find it easy to use their smart device WordPress apps, and again, YAY for you.

I don’t, and right now I’m annoyed with the whole deal.

Well, enough said. I’ve aired my feelings, made my point, and now I must move on.

This morning a kind friend has offered Campbell and me a ride to the store since we’ve no bus service until Monday and I must leave this for now and get us ready to go.

Until next time this is Patty who is frustrated to no end but determined to continue and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who is wonderful at guiding her through many obstacles, but the internet is not one of them saying…

Keep on trying, may harmony find you and blessid be.


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