How do you read?

I love to read. At first reading in Braille was a pleasure but over the years several disabilities hving become worse has made that no longer fun for me. Now I truly enjoy the pleasure of curling up with a good audio book, and while Audible is a great choice, and so are my screen reader and voice over for Kindle and other EBooks, my preferred way of reading is through the National Library For the Blind and Physically Handicap. They’ve thousands and thousands of books to choose from the service is free and they even provide the players and an app for your smartphone. I find it troublesome when people say reading audio books is not the same as reading a print book and would ask you to give it a good try before saying so. I’d also like to add that when one writes a book, hearing it read via audio gives a whole new perspective as to how your book is coming across to the reader especially where character dialog is concerned. So let us not put reading in a box because there are tons of ways to enjoy a book.via How do you read?

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