*Kindling Friendship* Patty Fletcher

Jewniquely Myself


This afternoon, I welcome author, Patty Fletcher as my very first guest because I find her to be such a genuinely open and real person, someone whose life challenges don’t keep her down forever, whose faith and optimism are inspiring. Now in middle-age and self-employed, Patty long ago lost the little sight she had at birth, has been diagnosed as bi-polar, has endured the loss of employment, family, even food security, and yet continues to reach out to other people–to encourage, to instruct, to kindle a rare light of blessing and friendship wherever she goes.

And today is her birthday!

Me-oh, Patty, how nice of you to drop by on this beautiful autumn afternoon! And Campbell, too, Ari and I have been waiting for you.

Patty- Nice to visit here with you, Joan.

Me- Well, please make yourself at home. Would you like a cup of tea? Or…

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6 Responses to *Kindling Friendship* Patty Fletcher

  1. joanmyles says:

    I hope your readers enjoy learning more about you my dear friend, Patty!


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