My Newly Revamped Website

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Image contains: me, smiling.My newly revamped website is now up and running. I would like to thank Jackie McBride at Brighter Vision Technologies for making it possible for me to maintain my own site. Jackie provides web development and hosting for businesses and entrepreneurs and even tutorials on using WordPress. For years, I’ve hired someone else to maintain my site, thinking that with my limited vision, it would be next to impossible. Now, I’m ready to spread my wings and fly solo, as it were.

I’d also like to acknowledge the folks at Mystic Access, where I recently purchased a home study course on building and maintaining a website with WordPress. Mystic Access provides a wide range of products, tutorials, and services for those with blindness or low vision. I’ve used several of their audio tutorials, and they’re excellent. Chris, Kim, and Lisa are all blind, as is Jackie, and if they…

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  1. Thank you, Patty, for re-blogging.


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