Play the GamePlay the Game

Genre: Romantic/Suspense/Social Issues


Sometimes when your self-esteem is low, it takes a special someone to build it up again.

Coping with a past tragedy, Stella lives on hope in the present. She plays the game and hopes that one day her dad will get well and return to the father he once was and could be again. Wandering the streets at night, she knows it can be dangerous and yet Stella cannot stop.

Kelly sees Stella is lost and can tell she’s keeping something from him. He doesn’t want to scare her by telling her who he really is. Shame is something hard to hide as Stella tells her own story.  Can Kelly save Stella, and will she finally reveal the truth? Then in one final twist, their fate will finally be sealed?

Excerpt 1

Down by the arches, underneath the flyover I handed out sandwiches. “Here you are, here you go,” I repeated to bundles of blankets.
“Thanks,” muffled replies responded.
The noise of traffic from above didn’t matter to those sleeping rough. As I held my hand out with another, ‘Here you go,’ an arm shot out and a hand locked around my wrist. I squealed and tried to pull back but the grip was firm. A shadowy figure rose in front of me.
“Hello little girl,” said a voice as I tried to wrench my arm back again.  He was wearing a tatty black woollen coat with sleeves that were a too short revealing grimy hands. His hair was thick and matted, sticking up like a perm gone wrong. His beard was also matted and his wild eyes told me he was on something. I gasped, my heart racing, my mouth suddenly dry.
“I eat little girls,” he said stepping out of the darkness as I stepped backwards.
“Let go, please let go,” I whimpered, knowing he wasn’t going to.
“Come with me, little precious.” He pulled me to the black shadows of an old building.
“No, please. Stop! Let go! Let go!” My pleading fell on deaf ears.
Out of the darkness came a voice. “Let her go.”
Pivoting round, my captor growled, “Says who?”
“Let her go,” the voice said again.
There was a movement, and another voice joined him. “Leave her alone, we said.”
“Oh yeah, two of you now. Wanna take me on, do you?” The man’s eyes lit up. “I’m up for a good fight.”
Looking round wildly, I couldn’t see anything. I was so terrified, I sobbed.

Excerpt 2

I clutched my red shoulder bag and glanced down at my matching shoes. I felt good in my outfit.  With this handsome guy by my side, what could go wrong?
The minute the door opened, I knew I’d made a mistake. The other women were all casually dressed. Tailored jeans and cut off pants with smart casual shoes.
Kelly did the introductions, and I shook hands with them all. I knew they were judging me, I could see it in their eyes; this stupid overly dressed girl
Their dazzling false smiles told me they’d had their teeth done. A row of false eyelashes, moulded brows, and painted nails stood in front of me with blouses and tops that were made of silk and cashmere. My stomach dropped.


‘I needed to hang on to hope and now it had gone.’

‘He’s got a kind heart, and he’s generous, people love him. You’ll learn that pretty quickly.’

‘The boys given the job stood around the car protecting it like a national treasure.’

‘I was dumbfounded for a moment. Good-looking guys rarely asked me out. They went for ordinary girls and I was a dork.

‘“Stop,” he said one day, as he held my chin. “Don’t do that. Don’t put yourself down. You are a wonderful person. Remember that.” I just smiled as if I knew what he meant.’

Additional Images

TeaserOneA Kindle tablet showing the cover of the book. – enclosed separately..

(The Cover of the book is Play the Game title in orange at the top – the colour of a sunset. The background is black. silhouettes of a kissing couple again an orange glow of the sun. below them a football with flames coming off it. The EE logo, my name and an Electric Eclectic book at the very bottom)

Teaser2Second teaser is of a fragmented blue face, of a sad girl, in the top corner on a black background it says: He couldn’t take responsibility for me as he found it tough looking after himself. I soon realised he was right. I’d been waiting for him to come to his senses and that hope has always stayed with me.

In the bottom right corner, a picture of the book.


The third teaser is a fragmented picture of a pretty sad girl with writing on the top right on a black background saying: The minute the door opened, I knew I’d made a mistake. The other women were all causally dressed. Tailored jeans and cut off pants with smart casual shoes. Then a photo of the book cover in the bottom right.

Book Trailer –

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karen mossmanAuthor Bio

Karen J Mossman lives on the lovely Isle of Anglesey just off the North Wales coast. “We have everything here, beautiful beaches, mountain views and stunning countryside.” Not bad for a girl brought up in the city. “The simple pleasures of walking my dogs in so many nice places has many health benefits. Being retired means that I can indulge in all the things I enjoy doing, including writing books.”

This is Karen’s 14th book, and part of the Electric Eclectic brand of books, novelettes aimed at introducing readers to new authors. They are also ideal for those who love to read but don’t have a lot of time. Besides her five Electric Eclectic books, Karen also has The Decade Series, four books set in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. The Themed Collection is three books and finally Just Stories has two.

Karen has been married for almost 40 years and has  two children and three grandchildren.

About claire plaisted

Claire Plaisted lives in New Zealand with her husband, three children. She is a Indie Author and runs a company 'Plaisted Publishing House Ltd,' helping Indie Authors get their books online and looking professional. We are happy for people to submit their work for our team to look through.
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