Healthy Eating, Eat Smart, No more Diets…

Retired? No one told me!

persimmon fruit Carrots Oranges

Welcome to Tuesdays Eat Smart, Eat Healthy post…

This week I seem to be eating everything which is orange I discovered a lovely new flavour combination smoothie which is equal parts carrot and Oranges and it is very nice… A vibrant orange colour as you would expect but so nice…

I also had some lovely Papaya to use and as I was gifted 5 papayas and quite a few bananas meant it was a lovely banana and Papaya smoothie for breakfast the other morning.

My week has been a very Orange week…

Persimmon is in season and I have to admit not a fruit I had tasted… seen never tasted but this week we did my daughter-law hadn’t tasted it either so we bought some and it is lovely the texture of a crisp apple fairly sweet but very nice.

The persimmon is one of the classical fruits of China, from…

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  1. CarolCooks2 says:

    Thank you so much for the reblog 🙂 x


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