Goddess of the Sea: Salacia & Amphitrite

Soul Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –I love the goddesses of the sea, the rivers and the oceans, there is just something so primal in the root of the goddess long before word or written languages appeared. In ancient Roman and Greek mythology, one such goddess was Salacia (asteroid #120347) and Amphitrite (asteroid #29), her Greek counterpart.

They are the feminine divinity of the sea. These two goddesses were worshipped of the eternal ocean and salt waters, presided over the depths of the oceans mystery. Neptune was Salacia’s consort and originally  Neptune and Poseidon were spring, creek and river until their promotion. 

I write my articles because as a dreamer, symbol and image are so very important when working with the story forms of our personal life, our past lives and our interpersonal relationships. We gain awareness with our dreams and waking dreams with the additional knowledge of not only our own archetype…

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