BIRDSONG AND THE TRAIN By Patty L. Fletcher A.K.A Lady MoonWalker

By: Patty L. Fletcher A.K.A Lady MoonWalker
October 12, 2018

I’ve just taken a wonderful walk with Campbell. After he grew tired of snuffing round in the freshly mown grass he asked to be brought back inside. I however was not tired of the beautiful weather and went out back to sit on the deck, but he wouldn’t come.

While I was outside I had a most wonderful experience. While I’d been walking Campbell I noticed there were a whole flock of birds across the street in a neighbor’s yard. By the time I got out onto the deck they’d made their way into the big tree in the yard next door.

While I sat there listening to their song a train started coming down the tracks across the way and it too sounded like a song. Its breaks were all squealing and they sounded like the horn section in a band. You know how it sounds when everyone is tuning up before practice? That’s what it sounded like and when it became loud all the birds gathered in close to one another and grew very quiet and then, suddenly they all rose up at once and flew away.

It was somehow one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.

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4 Responses to BIRDSONG AND THE TRAIN By Patty L. Fletcher A.K.A Lady MoonWalker

  1. I’ve loved the sounds of trains ever since I was a child!

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  2. Your lovely description means that I too can share in the sounds even though I’m thousands of miles away!


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