75+ Writing Quotes To Revive Your Writing Inspiration – by Derek Haines…

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on Just Publishing Advice:

Great writing starts with getting words on the page

The writing process begins once you find the inspiration.

You can close your eyes and wait for the thoughts and feelings to arrive to get your ideas flowing. 

But sometimes the waiting can seem like forever. So you try to listen to music or watch TV to find sources of inspiration. You might go for a walk to do a little people watching”.

All writers know how the process works or doesn’t work when you sit down to write a story or even blog posts. Some might call it a writer block, writer’s block, laziness or procrastination.

But it doesn’t matter what you call it. It is part and parcel of creative writing. From the time you started writing, you must have experienced this idea void many times.

Perhaps the next time it happens…

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