Song Lyric Sunday: I Finally Found Someone

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Song Lyric Sunday was created by blogger Helen Vahdati. Click here for guidelines.

This week’s theme is “find/found.” Today’s pick was on a cassette of love songs my late husband sent me soon after his marriage proposal.

At the time, we were living about five hundred miles apart; he in Fowler, Colorado, and me here in Sheridan, Wyoming. After meeting through a magazine, we started out as friends, corresponding by email daily and sometimes by phone, then boom!

In January of 2005, he was sure he’d found someone. Because I wasn’t expecting it, his proposal was a shock. It took me a while to realize I’d found someone too. You can read more about this in My Ideal Partner.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the song. If you haven’t found someone yet, maybe you will someday. Who knows?



I Finally Found Someone–Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams


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2 Responses to Song Lyric Sunday: I Finally Found Someone

  1. Thank you, Patty, for re-blogging. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll find someone who will actually love you.


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