READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Murder Mayham and Ice Cream In the Afternoon

I’ve just enjoyed a couple of awesome hours reading and eating chocolate mousse tracks ice cream and finishing another most excellent book in the Dismas Hardy series.
Some women spend their afternoons flaked out in front of the Boob-Tube watching their favorite soap or talk-show, I, find I’d rather curl up with a good book. Today as the fall afternoon sun came pouring in through my windows I once again found myself working frantically to solve yet another case.
Every now and then I must kick back, shut down my mind and enjoy living the lives of the characters in whatever book series I happen to be gobbling up.
For the past couple days any time I could slip away from my work or whatever problem I happened to be working on finding a solution to at the moment I’d find myself curled up in my recliner enjoying this most excellent series and this afternoon once all my blogging and other social media posting was done I again found myself traveling through San Francisco with Dismas and all his investigative pals.
A couple days ago I began and yesterday early morning I finished…

The hearing DB53220
Lescroart, John T. Reading time: 18 hours, 7 minutes.
Read by Ray Foushee.

Mystery and Detective Stories
Legal Fiction

San Francisco lawyer Dismas Hardy defends a homeless man accused of murdering an African American woman attorney. Police lieutenant Abraham Glitsky has a solid case, but his relationship to the deceased influences him. As Hardy digs further, he uncovers political corruption and scandal. Some violence and some strong language. 2001.

Download The hearing

Many times while reading this book I was given cause to pause and reflect on things in my own life. I found myself asking some of the same questions as the chief investigator…
“Why didn’t I speak out before it was too late? What was I waiting for? What do I do now that there’s no more chance?
Like him I found myself searching for closure to things there could never be answers to and needing to set things right.
This book is much more than the synopsis proclaims and as our seemingly distant detective finds his own life on the line in ways he could’ve never foreseen the reader is swept away in a plot of twists and turns that will lead to a most unexpected end.
The suspense and intrigue will leave you breathless. The mystery will keep you guessing right to the very last page and the surprise of romance will leave you with a warm feeling in your heart you won’t soon forget.
Watching Dismas and Franny work to keep their family together while each of them is pulled into the drama in their own way will make you laugh, cry, and at times wish you could shake Dismas till he rattles a time or two.
At the same time, you’ll be asking…
Did the suspect really commit the crime? Or, did he come along after the dastardly deed was done only to collect the spoils?
Was the victim simply alone in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or, was there someone with her who meant her harm from the very start?
While we all know that even in our very own hometowns there is evil, and corruption galore could you believe such as what is found here could be true of those you elect to prosecute the criminals, and would you be able to fathom the fact of their own criminal doings if they were found to be so?
Download this book, help Dismas and Abe solve the case, ask yourself these questions as you read, and you’ll come away with some new food for thought to be sure. At the least you’re going to have a few very enjoyable hours and if you, like me, find the rat-race of life just a bit overwhelming at times the escapism this book allows will not disappoint.

Today I finished…
The oath DB53767
Lescroart, John T. Reading time: 15 hours, 26 minutes.
Read by Ray Foushee.

Mystery and Detective Stories

Tim Markham, the head of a struggling San Francisco HMO, is murdered in his own hospital after first surviving a hit-and-run accident. Homicide chief Abe Glitsky investigates while attorney Dismas Hardy (Glitsky’s buddy) defends Dr. Eric Kensing, the prime suspect. Some violence and some strong language. Bestseller. 2002.

Download The oath

What does it mean to take an oath? Are there ever times when you can set the promises you make when you do aside for your own good? What if you’re doing it for what you think is the good of another? When is it OK or is it ever so?
These are only a few of the questions Dismas and his detective pal Abe must face while solving this case.
At first it appears the suspect has been found but is it too easily done? Could someone else have had motive to kill?
Are all the crimes connected as is first thought or are there multiple killers on the loose.
Have you ever lain awake in the hospital at night and wondered if tales of “mercy killers” are true? If so you might want to skip this terrifying tale.
But. Wait.
There’s more. Much more than what meets the eye here. In this day of money-grubbing power-hungry business executives who will stop at nothing to make that all mighty dollar there is much more indeed.
If you’ve not read this gripping and sometimes bloody tale you’re in for a real treat.
Grab your favorite afternoon snack fall into your favorite old comfortable chair and help Dismas, Abe and the D A solve the crime.
Pay attention my mystery loving friends there are many more clues here than meet the eye and you might not be expecting them if you don’t remain aware.
Once again the friendship of Dismas and Abe are put to the test and after the last book and Abe’s near miss there are a few moments when you will find yourself crying “Nooo! Nooo!” in pure angwish at what appears to be a most cruel twist of fate.
I daren’t say more for fear of spoiling this for you. I can only encourage you to hurry and pick up and read this book for yourself.
If you’re reading via NLS (National Library Services For the Blind and Physically Handicap the Narrator Ray Foushee does an incredible job reading the characters in this series. I feel I know each one personally and I especially love the visual that takes place every-time he does the voice for David Freedmen the lawyer from whom Dismas rents office space.
Am I hooked? Considering I’ve already got the next book downloaded and ready to go I’d say yes.
Rather than read it next I believe I’m going to go on an adventure with Clive Cussler’s treasure hunters Sam and Remmi Fargo a bit before working to solve another case of murder and mayham in the streets of San Francisco.
Then again, who knows? I’m just likely to read two books at one time. Maybe I’ll solve murders in the morning and go treasure hunting in the afternoon.
Be sure to drop back by campbellsworld soon to find out.
Until next time this is Patty who has put away her ice cream with the finishing of her book (No I did not eat for two-hours) and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who is rather put out that he did not get even one lick and though he knows chocolate is bad for doggies believes his mother could surely find a treat for him to eat saying…
Happy reading and blessid be.

Patty L. Fletcher
Self-Published author and Owner of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing

When Campbell and I aren’t reading books we can be found writing them and they can be seen at:

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