READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Patty L. Fletcher Reviewing, Hard Evidence and The 13TH Juror

I’ve always believed reading can take you from one place and put you into another without so much as a backward glance. I’ve also believed and had proven time and time again without fail the chances of your having complete control of the places you visit and the characters you meet and how they make you feel and the thoughts you think are slim to none.
Still I found myself both shocked and disturbed at the feelings these visits and meetings caused.
There’s Dismas, always trying to do right and causing the most wrong things to happen yet somehow managing to come out on top at the end. Never mind the chaos he and his investigative friends and coworkers cause along the way. Here in Hard Evidence he’s just begun a new marriage including a new-born baby and having another on the way shortly after.
This new wife, and first child? The widow and her daughter of his friend who’s murder he helped solve not long ago in the first of the series, Dead Irish.
If that weren’t enough to complicate matters he goes from a prosecuting attorney to a defense lawyer practically over-night and becomes infatuated with the daughter of the deceased and the lawyer of the accused killer thus nearly wrecking his new marriage and career all in one big swoop.
There is the sergeant on the police force who is his friend who while being a cop and supposedly always on the side of the prosecutor’s office finds himself helping his friend, who just happens to be none other than Dismas Hardy EX Prosecuting Attorney turned defense for the accused he’s helping to investigate, who no matter how he feels about helping the defense can’t help loving the thrill of playing both ends against the middle thus giving us some fabulously fast-paced old-fashioned detective work.
The first of the accused ends up being found not guilty of her crimes but soon a new suspect appears and is none other than the judge who was to hear the first case.
During the beginning of this second trial the first suspect who turned out not to be guilty is found dead shortly after her having all charges dropped and Dismas must not only keep his client from going to jail but must be sure he did not kill this suspect who just happened to be a high-priced call girl from whom he and the victim had received services in their past which when revealed had caused the premature announcement of his client, a judge retiring from the bench.
While doggedly working to prove his client’s innocents Dismas learns of unnatural relationships between fathers and daughters, questions his own sense of right and wrong and finds there are less black and white lines in things than he first wanted to believe.
His investigations take him into situations which make me stop and question things within my own life and soon I’m wondering if I’ve anything in common with any of the characters he deals with along his way.
Could I be like the daughter of the murder victim being one of those who misconstrues kindnesses paid to me by someone who I happen to forget has a life unrelated to me in any way?
Have I known women who find or have found themselves in relationships with their fathers the daughter of the murder victim is in?
How would I truly react if I were to find myself in any of the situations mentioned above?
This book is filled with twists and turns so emotionally charged they’ll have you second guessing not only who done it but what would you do if it were you up until the very last page.
The suspense factor on a scale of 1 to 5 is a 6.6 and beyond and you’ll be amazed when the mystery is finally solved.
Brace yourself. If you’re not able to handle a bit of graphic description of murder and explicit descriptions of sex I’d sit this one out.
I don’t mean to say there are blow by blow plays there are just situations that might leave some a bit disturbed and to be quite honest until it was well defined although I suspected it a couple of times early on the possibility of one such unnatural situation was so obscure and unbelievable I was simply able out of self-protection to push it firmly away.
If you like fast paced detective work with a bit of grit and grime this book and others in the series are for you.
Here is what NLS has to say about Hard Evidence.

Hard evidence DB38231
Lescroart, John T. Reading time: 18 hours, 15 minutes.
Read by Ray Foushee.

Legal Fiction

After marrying newly widowed Frannie and adopting her child, and with a baby on the way, Dismas Hardy leaves his bartending and goes back to law. As a new assistant district attorney, Hardy itches for a murder, and when he finds a human hand in a shark while volunteering at an aquarium, he demands the case. But before the murder is solved, Hardy is defending the accused. Strong language, violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex.
Downloaded: August 29, 2018
Download Hard evidence

Now I’m reading:

The 13th juror: a novel DB39668
Lescroart, John T. Reading time: 17 hours, 43 minutes.
Read by Ray Foushee.

Mystery and Detective Stories
Legal Fiction

In the sequel to Hard Evidence (DB 38231), attorney Dismas Hardy has hung out his own shingle but he’s had no bite. Then he is asked to assist lawyer David Freeman, who is handling a complex, high-profile case. Jennifer Witt is accused of killing her physician husband and her young son for the insurance money. In addition, the police have exhumed Jennifer’s first husband and are accusing her of his death, too. Strong language and some violence.
Downloaded: September 1, 2018
Download The 13th juror: a novel

This book opens with a woman who is readying dinner for her husband a prominent doctor who we soon learn is a controlling abusive terror when out of the prying eyes of his coworkers and patience. The stage is set for his murder and it certainly isn’t hard to see how his wife could’ve had motive means and opportunity to have killed him.
But. Wait. There’s more. Could she have done this once before?
Dismas is back and this time has decided to go into practice for himself but as NLS proclaims he soon sees he must build a reputation and so goes to work assisting a well-known lawyer who we’ve met once before in the previous book.
Soon he and his new-found work has him deeply enthralled in a case where things aren’t as they seem.
We’re introduced to life behind bars and how quickly it can cause a person’s survival instinct to bring them to decisions they never knew they had the guts to use.
We are shown how a person’s perceptions can be molded by fear and control and the lengths they’ll go to keep their freedom.
Could it be that the wife of the victim did indeed kill her second abusive husband accidentally killing her son in the process as well as her husband before? Has she learned to use the very skills the abuse she’s both witnessed her own mother go through as well as experiencing them herself break her free in more ways than one?
Is she simply the victim of domestic violence and crime mixing into her life in a deadly way for both her husband and her child?
This book hits close to home for me in many ways and I keep needing to take breaks to keep myself from becoming lost in my own not so long-ago horrors.
If this book proves to be nearly as good as the last, I’ll be reading page after page long into the night.
Again, if you like a mystery detective story with grit and grime as well as good detective work and legal battles this is the read for you.
This too has a few graphic scenes in it so be ye warned. BTW? When I’m not solving mysteries I am writing books which can be seen at:
Happy reading all and blessid be.

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