BLOGGERS ARE AUTHORS TOO: Everything I Want by Blogger Linda Pelfrey

Everything I Want
Linda Pelfrey

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors.
This afternoon in my new column Bloggers Are Authors Too Linda Pelfrey has come to share one of her writings with us.
Nothing I can write will do this justice. There is no header sufficient. So, without further delay I give you Linda and her passion.

I desire to live into my God given gifts, purpose and name. If I am living into all of this…I am engaging in transformative work through writing, speaking and “being” in this world.

I cannot give to others what I do not claim for myself. I practice meditation daily, so I can hear what God has to say to me. I pray with a heart of joy and thanksgiving. Each moment of each day is a gift.

I wear bright clothing which reflects my sassy personality. My tattoo shows the world how I see the world.

The tapes in my head telling me I am unworthy do not serve me, God or the world. They have no power.

I have children, animals and family (not defined by blood kinship) surrounding me.
They bring me joy, even in times of chaos and messiness. This joy I bring back to the world through all I write and speak.

I thank God for the gifts which used to frighten me. When I feel heat in my literal blind eyes, I embrace it. When I hear the whisper of the Holy spirit, I become still and listen with every fiber of my being.

I do not ask “why,” I ask “what shall I do?

My writing is in integrity with what God asks me to do.

I have all of the technology and expertise needed for my blog, podcasts and public speaking engagements.

I live out my Christian beliefs, and no longer rail against the fire and passion in my soul.

I am soft, passionate, fiery, vexing, and loving.

When I write and speak as a white blind woman about racism, and invisibility of those living in the margins, I do so with certainty that God will give me the words which will touch whom they are meant to touch.

I claim the heart for social justice that was squelched in the little girl I was. I always had the gifts, and today I embrace them with joy, passion and expectation.

My writing does not sit well with everyone; some are inspired while others are disturbed. Some will not hear, and others will sit with my words a while.

I am learning through mentors, experts and those who pass by me and share parts of their unique story with me.

I am humbled by all that is shared with me.

I am still and listen, and know when to speak out.

I embrace transformation even when it is painful and challenging.

I am not a new person; rather I am letting the woman I always was come out to play. 



I am one who nurtures animals and children.
2. I surround myself with family/blood related…and the family of my heart.

Ih embrace children who are not my own.

2. Desire of my higher self I am a woman with fire in my soul.
Compensatory desire:I am free to explore my sassy irreverent personality.
I am not evil.

3. I communicate with power and confidence.
I am a writer and speaker who has an audience who wish to hear my voice.
I have a voice which is a gift from God.

4. I am in good physical health.
I make thoughtful choices about what I eat, and am exercising daily
Physical pain is not in control of my life.

5. I live out my faith and listen for God’s voice.
I study the Bible, and seek wisdom from what I read.
I am loved by God.

About The Author…

Linda Pelfrey resides in the Midwest with her Seeing Eye dog Abby: a 4-year-old Lab Golden cross.
She describes herself as follows:
“Sometimes snarky… often irreverent and always striving to show compassion”

Linda uses her voice to speak about disability rights, racial injustice and poverty.
This passion is reflected in her essays as well as the film review show she and younger brother Jim host for a local Radio Reading Service. (Serving persons with visual and other print disabilities)

Linda’s work may not always leave you feeling comfortable… but she will give you much to ponder.
Linda states that her father recognized a talent for writing when she was a child. She herself did not embrace her gift till later in life.

What will you find on Linda’s site?
“Be ready for anything from tales about Abby, film reviews featuring characters with disabilities, and essays about her journey as a white woman navigating matters of race.
Linda also serves as Team Leader for a local food pantry, so you will probably find some stories about how her work has helped to transform her views on what it means to live with joblessness and food insecurity.

To visit the blog and sign up to follow please see:

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