Circle #writephoto #SueVincent

The Light Behind the Story

Ancient Stone Circle in England Photo Credit: Sue Vincent

The raven watched out of sight in the trees above while she walked three times the perimeter. Stopping at the gateway stone, she waited for the portal to open. Access could easily be denied in these places, yet she knew she had been beckoned here for a reason. There had been others before her. Countless feet had walked the perimeter of the womb circled by stones. They had left their imprinted energy behind, sinking the earth into a moat, separating the real from the unreal. Most, mistaken by the belief that the eyes distinguish Truth.

She rested her hands on the ridge, feeling the rough layers cataloged by time, reading a braille much older than language.


One drawn out call from the raven broke down silence, and she bent to her knees and kissed the face before her.

“There is no name for what is lost.”


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  1. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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