AUTHOR’S CORNER: A Visit From Karen J Mossman

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors.
Today in the Author’s Corner we’ve author Karen J Mossman visiting and she’s got some news to share and a bitter sweet story to tell.
Like Karen I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when reading the story. I could see Campbell doing something such as what is described here.
So, without further delay I give you Karen.

Hi, my name is Karen Mossman and I love stories. I’ve always read, and always felt compelled to write my own stories.

Recently I created Magic of Stories on Facebook. This was to compliment my website of the same name.

So, what makes this different from other pages?

Simply because it is devoted to stories and not just books. Stories enrich our lives and every day we all have a story to tell. Sometimes it is just the little things that are fascinating. What maybe mundane to us, will be interesting to someone else and recognising this is not always easy. I believe true life stories are just as interesting as fiction, sometimes even more so.

Because we all live different lives, what someone else does is always more interesting than what we are doing. My mother had interesting stories to tell and as an example this is the butterfly story. With this one, I never knew whether to laugh or cry.

“One day, Mum found a cocoon. She brought it into the house and put it inside a jar with leaves and sticks. She placed it on the window sill in front of the sink. Every day when she washed up after a meal, she would look at the cocoon. Eventually it began to become transparent and she felt a butterfly would soon emerge.

Before too long, the cocoon cracked open and she was thrilled to see this beautiful colourful insect take its first flight in the kitchen. She almost wept tears of joy. Then, from the corner of her eye, and too fast for her to react, the dog leapt and clamped it’s jaw around it swallowing it whole.”

Stories evoke emotions, some sad, something funny and often very serious. I’m hoping as my group grows, people will start telling their own stories. On 20th August, and in conjunction with my website, I am releasing my fourteenth book. The Magic of Stories contains 46 stories in different formats. Some are prose, some in poetry form and others are just a few lines long. It also had many true stories and over two days, I’m celebrating all that is interesting in our lives.

I’ve invited authors and readers to share their stories, both truth and fiction. Something they are passionate about, perhaps a charity, a pop star, a hobby, anything that they love. I have tried to specify no hard sell and links can only be to Goodreads, or websites, but not directly to Amazon. Flash fiction, excerpts and image teasers are all great ways to get involved.

Here is the link to the group, I hope you will come along and join me.

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