Good afternoon to all.
I hope you’re all well.
This week I’ve got a quick tip for you when working to engage with readers.
If you’re a guest poster on a blog or if someone shares your blog post by reblogging be sure to follow whatever blog you’re being featured on and be sure to keep up with the comments, there.
No matter whether you’re being reblogged or are a guest poster you of course want to thank your blog host, but you also want to engage them in conversation.
While a polite thank you for reblogging or for having been a guest poster on another’s blog is a correct thing to do it’s also correct to create a bit of chat with the host.
This does a couple of things. It lets those who are following the post and its comments know that you’re not only thankful to be featured in some way but that you’re willing when approached to engage in conversation.
Even if other readers don’t chime in experience has taught me they are impressed with conversation and many times will then not only follow your blog if you’ve one but will also seek you out in other places. Including your author website or page on Amazon.
Just a quick tip from Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing.
Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know how I can tell the world all about you.

Patty L. Fletcher
Owner and Creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing

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