Guest author: Ann Chiappetta ~ The Wedding

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

wedding Image: Pixabay

Cass grabbed a sweater from the closet and sighed with relief. Everything was taken care of; the kids were settled and her sister in-law, Linda, had the phone numbers, insurance cards and bedtime instructions for the evening.

Liz waited in the driveway. She greeted her sister with a smile and peck on the cheek and buckled up.

              “Hi, hon, “said Liz, “did you have any trouble getting out?”

Cass shrugged, “Just the usual. It helps when they like the sitter.”

Liz pulled away from the curb.  They rode for a mile or two in the quiet.

Liz broke the silence,

              “You thinking about Ted?”

              “Yeah. I wish he was here.”

The groom, cousin Mike, and his sister, Kim, lost Ted, their Dad, to cancer last year and still hadn’t recovered.

As soon as she said it, Cass felt the rise of hair on the nape…

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