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Contrast and Life’s Simple Pleasures

Thunder rumbled in the distance as she and her beautiful black and very large Labrador sat on the deck enjoying their supper together. While she knew dogs weren’t to have very much table food if any at all she could … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Words on Paper:
Image by Pixabay MERLIN ? A young boy was found by the old hermit, wandering in the forest, naked, as thin as a reed. The hermit took him further into the trees to his…

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Thursday photo prompt: Watcher #writephoto

Originally posted on willowdot21:
This is my entry for Sue Vincent of The Daily Echo‘s #writephoto. The Angel surveyed the moors. He could see for miles infact he could see forever. The future the past and the present, all at…

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September is Self Care Awareness Month

Originally posted on Annette Rochelle Aben:
 September is Self Care Awareness Month. This is a brand new monthly observance, yet self care is something we should all be embracing. Now, I am not a Doctor, and I don’t even play…

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READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Stolen Gypsy | Karen’s Book Buzz Blog

via Stolen Gypsy So, what does author Karen J Mossman do when she’s not writing awesome books like Distant Time found at: Goodreads Reviews Why she’s reading and reviewing books and here she is with a great one … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday August 31st, 2018 – Marcia Meara, Christy D. Birmingham and Billy Ray Chitwood.

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Tire Swing

Originally posted on Jewniquely Myself:
if I push off just right from the tree’s sturdy trunk if I look past dangling apples the Abandoned Bird nest among leafy clusters I find myself flying working the wind like an extra muscle…

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Fun Fact Friday with Franky’s Fun Flamingo Facts

Originally posted on Wanda Luthman's Book Blog:
“The flamingo is the national bird of the Bahamas.” Day 14 and the Final Franky’s Fun Flamingo Fact post (at least for a little while)… Franky is the pink flamingo in the…

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Guest Writer Spot

Originally posted on estherchiltonblog:
Please welcome Phyllis Campbell to my Guest Writer Spot. She has sent in an excerpt from her book. You might like to find out more about her before you read the extract: Phyllis Staton Campbell, who…

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Five on Friday

Originally posted on Rainne's Ramblings:
Five Books – Five Authors – Five Stars Looking for a new fantasy/paranormal book to read this weekend? Try one of these 5∗ reads! ? Title: Rising Tide: Dark Innocence Author: Claudette Melanson Genre:…

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