AUTHOR’S CORNER: My Husband Was a Hero by Shelley McMullen

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors and welcome to the Author’s Corner.
This afternoon author Shelley McMullen is here with us to share a story that is both heartwarming and horrible all in the same moment.
Heartwarming because her husband took the time to perform an act of kindness and caring. Horrible because so many times people just pass right on by an unpleasant situation turning their heads as if they’re the only person in the world who matters.
I ask you share this very important story. Don’t just read, like and pass it by. Get involved and who knows, you just might save a life.
Thanks to you Shelley for stopping in today to share this with us. I’m so glad you came and invite you back anytime you’ve something to share.
If it happens to step on a toe or two well, people need to get new shoes.
Blessid be to your husband and to you.

Shelley McMullen

A couple of weeks ago my husband Joe left the house to make a quick trip to the grocery store. It was about 90 degrees that evening so he put off the trip for as long as he could

He is visually impaired. He travels around our neighborhood doing short errands on his scooter. He has a license, and insurance as well. When he took his driving test he was given a special telescopic lense that enhances his visual capability when he is driving his scooter. He is not allowed to drive after dark. I know that he is a safe, cautious driver. Besides that, I know that God takes care of him when he is driving.

As he drove out of our complex that evening and turned on our street he noticed a young man lying with his head directly in the street and his feet propped up on the curb. The man was saying that he wanted a large truck to run over him and kill him. Joe was a few feet away and from this distance he tried to provide encouraging words, but the young man refused to listen. He said that he just wanted to die.

Joe drove his scooter around the corner where the young man couldn’t see him. He called 911 and explained the situation and the location of the young man. They promised to send help to him immediately. The 911 call taker asked Joe if he wanted to stay until help arrived. He said he didn’t. He was afraid that the distraught young man would leave before help arrived if he realized what Joe had done.

So, Joe left the ceen and continued on to the grocery store. He called me and was very upset. I assured him that he had absolutely done the right thing.

Once he returned home from getting groceries he said that it bothered him that he would never know the outcome of this incident.

I encouraged him to call the local police department to find out what had happened. He did just that. The person who took the call said that the young man was rescued at least temporarily from his planned to attempt suicide. Joe was told that the young man was receiving some psychological, Professional help. We believe that the young man was crying out for help, and that he really didn’t want to die. Who knows what his life was like? He might have been abused or, neglected, or both. Did he come from a broken home? Was he not wanted? He might have just been the recipient of rejection in an important relationship. We will never know the truth, of course. That really doesn’t matter. What does matters is that he did obtain help. He might not have believe in God. He might not have known how to pray. Of course, we will never have answers to these questions either. Every time I think of him I say a prayer that he is being restored to health, peace and happiness and give thanks.

I choose to believe that Joe played a huge part in saving his life.

I am so proud of my husband for stepping up to the plate.
Again, to me the saddest and most frustrating part of this story is that people driving by didn’t feel they had the time to stop. Maybe they just didn’t want to get involved in the crisis of another.
So please if you encounter a person who has given up on life, help them in whatever way you can. Call 911 as Joe did, or contact the suicide hotline.

On the other hand If you ever feel like giving up on life reach out to somebody in your inner circle. Don’t be ashamed, just do something to help yourself before it is too late. Remember to that suicide is a very selfish act. The people who cared about you who are left behind are the ones who will suffer the most.

Most of all talk to God when you are hurting. He has a solution, and a plan for your life. Seek him.

Note: Please understand that the purpose of the story is not to start a debate about religious beliefs-or whether or not you believe in God and that Jesus Christ died for you on the cross. The point is to honor a citizen, and generous, caring person who courageously stepped out of his comfort zone to help someone in need.

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