An Extract from Lord of the Elements ~ G. Michael Vasey

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Reblogged from The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey:

No one objected and so they switched off the lights. It took a while for eyes to accustom themselves to the darkness and refocus on the upturned glass.

Time passed. A heavy silence began to hang over the assembled company in the darkness of the kitchen only interrupted by the now incredibly loud ticking of the ugly, cheap clock that hung over the doorway to the lounge.

“Is there anybody there?” said Janet after several minutes of total silence.

Dennis let out a snigger.

“Sorry, it just sounds so ridiculous,” he said.

“Is there anybody there?” repeated Janet, ignoring Dennis.

“Bugger, did you feel that?” asked Billy, as the glass suddenly seemed to lurch sideways.

The glass had seemingly moved abruptly from left to right. It had actually skipped over the deep fold and crack in the old board as…

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