Bubba and the V*T

Hello to all you two legged peeps reading my Bubba Tails page:
or mine and mommy’s blog:
King Campbell A.K.A Bubba Dog here, writing to tell you of the most horrid way my human mother has treated me.
First, I must tell you a bit of what I have heard my human mother call a back-story.
A couple darks ago I was sniffing round when suddenly something bit me. I do not know when exactly it happened I just remember feeling a bite and then…
The itching began. It itched so I scratched. I scratched in the yard, and on the back deck. I scratched in my room and in my human mother’s bed.
I tried to tell my human mother that something was horribly wrong, but she was sleepy and did not understand.
Finally, early in the next morning she did figure out what I was trying to tell her but by then it was much too late.
All that scratching in my yard, room, and human mother’s bed had caused a terrible boo-boo. I mean WOW! Did it ever hurt. I had a fever and felt rotten all over. Worst part, the darn thing still itched. I mean it itched mightily let me tell you.
So, when the sun came up again my mommy called the nice human peeps that run that place called KATS. I do not know why they do not name their bus company DOGS, but I guess they must do what they must do. See more of them here:
Anyhoo, I heard her tell someone on that tele-bone that I needed to go to the V*T. I did not really want to go anywhere. I wanted to lay on my bed or in my crate and scratch.
After a while my mommy did call to me and even though I felt really awful I let her put me into my harness, so we could work together to go.
After she put me in my harness I lay down by her feet and using one of them for a pillow because her feet make such great ones, I fell to sleep. I was feeling very tired from all that scratching and thought I’d just snooze till that big van monster got to our house to take us to the V*T.
After a little while we heard it beeping out front of the house outside the gate, so I minded my mommy when she said was time to go.
When we got to the V*T they were very glad to see us. I was kind of glad to see them too. The folks at that place called Colonial Heights Animal Hospital are great. I mean as far as V*TS go they really do rock. please visit: http://www.colonialheightsvet.com/
They take really good care of me and the bestest part of it all is that my V*T has my same first name. We’re great pals.
When they finally came out to get me I thought my mommy would come too.
The lady who came said she just wanted to do something called shave my fur and weigh me on the scales and even though I did not really know fur sure what that was I minded my human mother and went along with her.
I did not like it when we got where we were going.
First, we stopped, and that human lady had me sit on these things called scales. These must be good cause when she called back out to mommy and said I lost four pounds mommy hollered, YAY! Good Boy Bubba! So, I’m not sure about all that. I thought pounds were jails where doggies went when they got caught running on the street without leashes and stuff.
Mommy was glad, so I wagged my tail and we went along our way.
Well, let me tell you…
When we got back into the other part of the V*T that human lady she took this thing that buzzed like a very big angry bee and you know what she did? She let it take off my fur. My beautiful shiny black fur! Can you believe it? I bet my human mother did not know such would happen to me. Surely, she who is my mommy did not.
When I got back out front with her I nudged her hand and she looked where they took it away from that boo-boo and said…
“Good boy Bubba you let them shave your fur. I knew you would be good and allow them to do it.”
She did know! Was all I could think. How could she have sent me back there and let them do that?
I nudged her again to try and ask. I said in my bestest doggy language…
“Mommy. Oh! My Mommy! How could you have done that?”
She did not understand and did not answer. She just petted me again and told me again what a good boy I am. Well, humph! I know this already. Tell me something I do not already know. Would you?
Anyhoo after a while they said that my human V*T was ready to see us, so this time mommy went with me. I was glad and when we got to that room she snuggled me and told me that my human V*T would make it all better.
Well, let me tell you I was ever glad to hear it because I was starting to feel bad.
When Dr. Campbell H (That’s what I call him in my doggy brain) got there, he told mommy that we were going into another room, so I could get up onto a table, so he would not have to bend over. I did not understand but when he took my leash and mommy’s arm I was happy to go with him and wagged my tail to let him know.
Pretty soon we were in there and they took me from my mommy and this other lady told me to get up onto the table by patting its top. I just stood there and looked at her thinking…
“Hello? Human lady? I am not young pup like I used to be, how about giving me a paw? I’ll give it back when we’re done.”
Finally, she got the hint after mommy said…
“You have to help him. He has a bit of trouble getting up onto things.”
I don’t think that human lady was working all her brain, and I knew it fur sure later when we were walking, and she grabbed my harness handle. I thought then…
“Human lady that’s a big PFUI.”
I’m getting ahead of myself.
Maybe she just was not awake yet. She was very nice and petted me lots.
Well, when I got onto the table they got another buzzing thing out, but it did not hurt, and it did not take away anymore of my beautiful fur. It did something to the boo-boo and my human V*T said it would help it get better. So, I was not upset with mommy for letting them do that.
But then…
My human V*T gave me a shot!
“What the heck? How dare you?”
I gave him my very best stink eye let me tell you!
Not for long. I mean we do share the same first name and all.
Pretty soon we were back out in the waiting room and mommy was calling KATS that ought to be DOGS again and after a little while the van monster was back we carefully walked around it with me going as far away from the front of it when we did as I could and then sneaking slowly up on the door, so it would not get upset and run over us.
Finally, we were back home, and I thought that things would be OK.
It was not to be, and this is where the worst part comes in and I just cannot believe my human mother. I mean I just cannot believe my human mother who is my mommy who is so sweet to me has such a beautiful voice for singing my Bubba Song and that most wondrous smell of love could say such things to me.
First, she told me I could not scratch my boo-boo anymore. Then if that weren’t enough she corrected me for doing it and said PFUI! To me.
“Gees! Mom! It itches! Dang! Bark! Sneeze! Shake!”
But. Wait.
It gets worse! I scratched again, and again she corrected me. Pulled my live ring on my collar said…
“PFUI! If you do not stop that we are going to call the V*T and have them bring us a cone of shame!”
I stopped still. Did not move an inch. I could not believe my human mother. My mommy who I loved so very much and did so many things for would say such a thing as that to me. She threatened me with the cone of shame. What kind of human mother had Trainer Drew given me to? How could I have been with her all these years and not known? I was shocked so bad I had to go and chew my bone and think about it for a long time.
As I did the strangest thing happened. I did not think about the itching so much and after a while that special cream they put on it and that shot they gave me seemed to make it feel a bit better.
Pretty soon my human mother was just mommy again, we were snuggling up in front of the huge fan in mommy’s room and going to sleep for a good afternoon nap. I was sleepy, and it felt wonderful to snuggle with my mommy and know that it was OK and that there would be no more talk of that nasty PFUI cone of shame.
Well, now another couple of darks have come and gone and even though I seem to be very thirsty and need to pee an awfully lot I am feeling much better. My fever is gone, and I do not itch hardly at all. I hope nothing else ever bites me cause next time I’m gonna pay attention and I am going to eat it up. No more bugs will get by with doing such a thing to me ever again.
For now, this is Bubba who is sleepy again from such a long writing as this signing off to go and take a nap.
See yall.
Thanks fur reading.

About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. And as a Social Media Promotional Assistant. She is the owner and creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger Business Assist), and is the published author of two books, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye: Volume One. She can also be found in two anthologies which are, December Awethology Light And A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales. She is now working on her third book which is to be a memoir trilogy called, ‘Pathway To Freedom: Broken and Healed’.
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10 Responses to Bubba and the V*T

  1. What a fab story. An insight into the canine world. Hope he’s okay and back to normal now.


    • Patty says:


      Thanks for reading.

      Glad you liked it.

      He’s not quite well yet but we’re getting there.

      Um? Hello?

      Bubba here, hello human reader.

      Mommy keeps putting this nasty goop onto my boo-boo.

      I’m just about ready to run her up a light-pole.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. joanmyles says:

    Glad to know Campbell is on the mend! Joan/Ari


    • Patty says:


      Yes he’s doing lots better.

      Thanks for reading and commenting my friend.

      I tell you Bubba gets better likes and comments than I do.

      Maybe I just need to let him do the blog.



      • joanmyles says:

        I know…but these canines are just so appealing to folks! Hugs to you, Patty!


      • Patty says:

        They’re wonderful.

        He’s gone back to the V*T and I’m getting ready to go to lunch at Applebee’s and then to the store and back home.

        Other plans got changed.


  3. Great post, Bubba.
    I’m glad your experience ended well, and you’re healing nicely.


    • Patty says:

      Thanks human reader for reading my post.

      I’m back at the V*T and stole into Doctor H’s office to write.

      Mommy is having our house fogged for those nasty bugs today and I’m having a slumber party with all my doggy friends.


      • Sounds nice… The slumber party, I mean. Have fun!


      • Patty says:


        I am at the V*T.

        No humans are here yet so I have faded out of my cage as I am want to do so I can write this to you See Bubba Tails from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye Written by Patty L. Fletcher Told by, King Campbell Lee – The Seeing Eye Dog AKA Bubba

        Fall 2017:

        to learn how I know to do this.

        I have been here since early yesterday morning. The humans here have taken great care of me.

        The doggies here are quite noisy and I have had to bark loudly at them a couple times to make them hush so I could sleep.

        I mean a doggy’s got to get his rest.

        It has been a great time though. The humans here take me on great walks, they love on me and pet me and tell me what a good boy I am and how beautiful my fur is. So, what’s not to enjoy?

        I hope you are having a very good weekend. Thanks much for talking with me. Not many humans realize that doggies have stuff to say.


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