AUTHOR’S CORNER: Anastas and the Black Rose by David Cousland

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Today in the Author’s Corner David Cousland is back to give us a taste of yet another of his wondrous works.

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Anastas and the Black Rose

Anastas is one of an exclusive family, the Serpentés – a family with many secrets and powers. She wants revenge to correct wrongs of a century ago. With her man and her beautiful but deadly nieces at her side she cannot fail but will she have the time to complete her tasks? From the initial death of a prospective purchaser for the Black Rose Manor, this is a semi-erotic tale of tortured killings, horrible cruel deaths and fulfilment for all concerned. Join the realms of part human, part serpents and either hiss your enjoyment and appreciation or cringe at the horrible deaths along the way.

About the author in his own words…

Born in the industrial Midlands in 1950, I was educated at Dudley Grammar School (to the best of their abilities) before going on to work in the banking industry, the latter years working on very exciting plastic card payment schemes. Married (twice) with two daughters and three grand-children, my hobbies outside of the family and writing include golf and travel, occasionally combining the two when searching for golf balls that have strayed way off line. A number of my stories are based around places I’ve been fortunate to visit and love including them whenever I can.
I first started writing at the tender age of 62 and have now published 15 e-books and short stories. I particularly enjoy writing in the first person, which has been a bit of a challenge as the majority of my stronger characters are women. I write for pleasure and hope you enjoy reading my stories.

Currently I’m working on my first sci-fi story and also a horror story aimed at the young adult market. Never having previously attempted to write anything in the fantasy / sci-fi genres and very little in the horror sector– this is a case of fingers crossed and hope for the best, although I do have a number of ‘expert volunteers’ keen to read the horror story.

Books by David Cousland.

1) Overture for Revenge 01/23/13

2) Face of the Viking 14/03/13

3) Snake Eyes Allison 06/10/13

4) The Faces of Ashwood Court 08/04/13

5) The Wrong Man’s Ring 11/02/13

6) Scent of the Dragon Queen 04/01/14

7) The Michelangelo Legacy 03/22/14

8) Black Country Murders 10/15/14

9) I Don’t Drink Decaf 12/27/14

10) Sarah Marshall’s Double Quest 02/21/15

11) The Water Carrier 09/09/15

12) Anastas and the Black Rose 21/07/16

13) Barclay’s Losing Hand 20/09/16

14) Carnage at Clifton Court 09/08/17

15) Snakebird: The Texan Ring 02/01/18

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2 Responses to AUTHOR’S CORNER: Anastas and the Black Rose by David Cousland

  1. Take a look at this. It’s a naughty little number designed to kill or thrill. Enjoy xx


    • Patty says:

      Thank you David.

      We here at campbellsworld are enjoying getting to learn more about you and your books.

      Please be sure to share this little number with all your own bloggerly friends.



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