Near A River Children’s Book

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Near A River Book Cover by BJ Rae with two eagles flying over a still river with green mountains in the background and blue sky with white clouds above

Hi everyone,

Thank you for joining me today. I met Bobbie Jo on LinkedIn and read her beautiful blog post and asked her if I could share it here. She said yes! and so I’m sharing it in its’ entirety here. I hope it touches you like it did me and you purchase her book for your child.


It was a cold November day almost 20 years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday.  I was driving to work and suddenly got the feeling I should try to reach my Grandma.

I pulled over and called her at the hospice house where she was staying.  She haltingly spoke, “Sweetheart, my time to go is very soon.  I will miss you so much!  Always know I

Bobbie Jo Rae pictured as a child with her GrandmotherI have a very important promise to keep!

am with you and I love you no matter where you go or…

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